MooShooZ! Spring Linen Flats & Satin Ballet Flats

NEW RELEASE – More colours in store –

More colours in store –


*NEW* Step Ahead – Stud Encrusted Heels

Step Ahead - Stud Encrusted Heels - Black

Step Ahead - Stud Encrusted Heels - Gold

Incredibly realistic looking gorgeous sculpted prim heels made by my talented best friend Mavis McGettigan, here’s the first installment of Stud Encrusted Heels with more colours to come!

Step Ahead Main Store –

Fashion Show Invitation – Whittentons

Stylish womens wear and boots to die for by jewelry designer Lizziey Whittenton! Yes! This saturday’s fashion show promises to be a special one. The JM Supermodels will be strutting Lizziey’s designer wear and boots, that are fast becoming my obsession, down the runway.

JM Models Fashion House,

Saturday 14th June 2008 @ 6pm slt