SNEEKY PEEK at CYNFUL New Release – Deliciosa Lingerie

Any day now Cynful will be releasing a delicious line of sexy lingerie with a sinful edge.

Made to flatter your figure, the beautiful lace texturing and strapless style of Deliciosa will catch any mans attention and invoke a romantic mood.

You can wear [Cynful] Deliciosa Lingerie on its own ~ OR ~ if you’re feeling a bit more daring and flirty try wearing Deliciosa with Lola’s Sculpted Breasts, like I am in the photo’s above.

After you’ve purchased your [Cynful] Deliciosa Lingerie ~ and ~ [Cynful] Deliciosa Applier (in the same colour), head on down to Lola’s and purchase your sculpted breasts (I’m wearing Lola’s Push-up 2.5)

How I like to wear [Cynful] Deliciosa Lingerie + the [Cynful] Applier with Lola’s Sculpted Breasts:

1. Wear [Cynful] Deliciosa Lingerie – Applier Fix (this bra option shows no texture in the cleavage area so you won’t see texture under your Lola breasts)
2. I like to adjust my avatar shape breast size down to around 20 more or less and breast cleavage down to 0 – this is just a guide for my shape you’d have to play with the sliders and see whats more appealing for your shape.
3. a. Wear your Lola’s sculpted breasts (you should also read the User Manual that comes with them as the maker provides a lot of info).
b. Click on your Lola’s breasts, you’ll see a blue drop down menu appear – select <Clothing> then <Nude>
4. You are now ready to Wear the [Cynful] Applier in the same colour as your lingerie.

Happy Romancing! xoxo


MORE Skin Flicks NEW ‘Intimates’ Lingerie

by Queenie Ella – JM Models VP of Events and JM Supermodel

Ladies it’s time to show off your beautiful summer tanned body with some smexxy lingerie! If you haven’t been, you must go take a look at Skin Flicks; they carry such a big variety of gorgeous merchandise that you will go broke! When I was asked to blog about this lingerie, I was all up for it. I could go on and on about how I was stunned that beautiful lingerie as this could be so comfortable with great support but I won’t! Did I mention it makes my stomach look flat too?!

I find all three sets as shown in the pictures to be very sensual, sexy, fun, and comfortable but all with a fun flare. The detail put in these items really make it look “high end”. The come in a variety of wonderful colors. I find the lingerie line at Skin Flicks and many other things to have such great style, really makes my pixel avatar a happy lady! So now go strut your stuff ladies!

Until next time, Q xo

Hair: *Kin*Clara in blonde
Skin:*The Obscene* Hina in Dawn
Earrings: *Purple Rose* Mega Pearl in Black

Skin Flicks ‘Intimates’ Lingerie

SKIN FLICKS Designer, Mavis McGettigan never ceases to amaze us, her natural talent for creating such beautiful clothes has led to her creating some of the most delicious sets of lingerie on Second Life…here are a few of my personal favourites…

Pictured above: – SKIN FLICKS Jennelle Lingerie set in black. One word sums this one up…sexxxy! I personally love the design and textures used and the attention to detail is perfection…you need this in your closet now…trust me….thank me later :p *grins*

Pictured above: – SKIN FLICKS Malia Lingerie set in white. This is one of the most prettiest lingerie sets I’ve come across in SL. Love the sheerness of this…so will your partner *winks*

Pictured above: – SKIN FLICKS Nicky Bra and Frilly undies set in purple. This beautiful set comes with a sexy ‘reveal a lot’ bra option, pictured here is the full coverage bra and undies have an optional frilly part.

For more beautiful lingerie options and stylish clothes visit SKIN FLICKS at their Main Store: