[Cynful] New Releases – Its got my name on it! WOOT!

My super talented lil Cyni has just released a new line of casual gear that I’ve been sporting around all week like a second skin \o/ …time to put these in the washer and slip in to another set of colour options \o/ …I kid on the washer bit :p

From Left to Right:
Visit the [Cynful] mainstore for these and other sinful outfits *rawr* – slurl.com/secondlife/Ooot%20Ooot/146/128/22

Outfit: [Cynful] Jewell’s Top and [Cynful] Jewell’s Leggings in Purple, Black and Emerald

Shoes: Step Ahead Ladies Spring Sliders, Kookie Armarda Boots (Black) and Step Ahead Ladies Prim Feet

Hair: Dernier Cri – Madeline

Skin: Belleza – Elle


Fantastical Fashion at Cole’s Couture

by Kamalin Bailey                                 Photography by Mcooter Graves

I wanted to share with you some yummy new dresses from designer ColeMarie Soleil. A live performer in SL and widely known to the Flickr community, multi-talented Cole has embarked on a whole new SL “hobby”, couture dress creating. With names like “Tick Tick Boom” “Scratched Out” and “Leaf Me Alone”, one quickly sees that Cole has a great imagination and her designs reflect her whimsical personality. Her collection currently standing at seven pieces, Cole is taking a wait and see approach before committing to future additions.

At first glance Requiem for a Raven looks like a little black cocktail dress. Inspecting more closely, one sees it is far more than that. Swirls of feathers dance across the strapless, translucent bodice giving tantalizing glimpses of skin. It is daring and alluring without being blatantly revealing or trashy. At the waist the form fitting top joins a poof of a skirt composed of layer after layer of more feathers. To me, the most remarkable aspect of the dress is its movement. The slightest motion sends the feathers airborne to softly float back into place. Requiem for a Raven is no wallflower and it will turn heads across the grid.

Sonic Surreality is Cole’s entry to the formal gown arena. Completely over the top in details and attachments, Cole has melded them together to create a stunning package that can be worn to any formal event. The skirt is made up of several layers of peacock blue and black feathers that end at the ankle. Also feather-like, the bodice is adorned with a circle of musical notes and symbols that sway with each movement. To further increase the spectacularness of this dress, Cole has included attachments for wings and a headpiece that only enhance its beauty. My favorite piece is the musical notes that when attached, dance merrily around your av’s body. You’ll feel like an artistic masterpiece when wearing this dress! Available in seven colors, Cole is also planning on releasing a completely white version soon.

Cole has completely outdone herself on her first entries to the SL fashion world. Witty, playful and charming, they delightfully fill a niche in the sometimes too serious world of SL fashion!

Cole’s Couture can be found at Kakapo 171,110,105

Fashion Speak With eLDee

by Maeve Kilara

April 26, 2008 JM Models will be showcasing yet another fabulous and fresh new designer by the name of Lilyana Dryke, owner and designer for the eLDee fashion label. Lilyana’s bright and funny personality comes through in her flirty fun clothes and I had a great time talking with her about fashion, creativity, and shopping during our very insightful interview.

Maeve Kilara: When did you join Second Life?
Lilyana Dryke: one year ago, well about….just one more month and I’ll be celebrating my rezz day

Maeve Kilara: What kinds of things do you enjoy doing here in your free time?
Lilyana Dryke: my favourite pastime is exploring. I especially love to see cool architecture..and love photographing them, and A lot of shopping

Maeve Kilara: I went to your store earlier today, and noticed all the vibrant colors and beautiful patterns you use in your materials. Yet at the same time, its form flattering and feminine. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Lilyana Dryke: a lot of things, there really isn’t one thing i can sort of point at. But usually it starts with a pattern or a color I notice somewhere…I’d say almost anything can inspire me.

Maeve Kilara: How long have you been creating clothes?
Lilyana Dryke: I did my first bit of clothing around August/September last year. I had no intention of opening a store at the time though

Maeve Kilara: Of all the designs in your store right now, Which would you say is your favorite and why?
Lilyana Dryke: oooh,..that’s difficult. I would say Fleur is one of my favourite, Especially Fleur Berry. I also love the Kiki outfits.

Maeve Kilara: What is it you love so much about them?
Lilyana Dryke: I love Fleur, cause when I started doing it I really had no idea I was gonna end up with it, yet it turned out really cute, and it’s like this cute little floaty dress, very feminine, And I love wearing it. For Kiki, I think it’s cause the texturing turned out nice and it looks very chic. And I like the color play on the Kiki outfits.

Maeve Kilara: As a designer in Second Life, what are a few fashion tips you think women inworld might benefit from?
Lilyana Dryke: Well, since SL is a world of fantasy, I’d say, don’t try to be safe when it comes to fashion. It’s fun to experiment different styles. The important thing is you are comfortable and having loads of fun.

Maeve Kilara: Do you have any tips for new designers starting out in Second Life?
Lilyana Dryke: I would say, it’s very easy to learn all the tips and tricks, if you are willing to work and learn. And there are loads of fabulous SL groups as well as tutorials out there to help you.

Cheerno Destiny: A Brasilian Designer Pushes SL Fashion Forward


Sebastiaan Vollmar: How long have you been a part of the second life community?

>há quanto tempo você é parte da comunidade do second life?

Cheerno Destiny: Com o meu avatar atual eu estou a apenas 4 meses, mas no total ja estou aqui no Sl a mais ou menos 3 anos, mas eu tinha outro avatar ao qual perdi no ano passado.

>>> With my current avatar I am only 4 months, but i´ve been here over 3 years, but I had another avatar which I lost last year.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: What are your favorite things to do here?

>Que você mais gosta de fazer aqui?

Cheerno Destiny: Aqui no Sl eu gosto muito de criar as coisas e conversar com meus amigos. Adoro passear com eles, fazer Luais, dançar e tal.

>>>Here in Sl I love to create things and hang out with my friends. I love going out with them, night at the beach, dancing and more.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: How long have you been creating clothes?

>há quanto tempo você cria roupas aqui?

Cheerno Destiny: Desde que entrei eu tenho curiosidade e venho estudando como fazer roupas no SL, mas profissionalmente tem dois ano que eu produzo roupas por aqui.

>>>Since I joined sl I had curiosity and I started to study how to create clothes , but professionally its been two years working with clothes here.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: The first time I wandered into your store, I was struck by the incredible originality of your designs. Where do you get the inspiration for your clothes?

>A primeira vez que eu andava pela sua loja, eu fiquei maravilhado pela originalidade dos seus designs.

Onde você se inspira para tais criações?

Cheerno Destiny : Ah! Obrigado, fico muito feliz quando vejo que as pessoas gostam das minhas roupas, acho importante que o público goste do que esta vendo dentro da loja e goste de usar as roupas tbm, sou muito preocupado com o Visual da AC Store. Em cada época, ou seja cada estação, eu elejo temas centrais e trabalho em cima deles para criar novas coleções. A coleçãod e Inverno 2008, que é a que está na loja hoje, foi inspirada no mundo cybernético. Pode parecer um pouco estranho, mas eu quiz trazer para as roupas um pouco da tecnologia em cortes ousados e sobreposições, para que o homem do inverno AC Store, seja moderno, bonito, sexy e descontraído. Assim fui usando pequenos detalhes que podemos observar em robôs como o tipo de recorte da lataria, as cores, as texturas etc.

>>>Ah! Thank you, I am very happy when I see that people like my clothes, I think its important that the public gets to see what’s inside the store and like to use the clothes too, I am very concerned about the look of AC Store. Every season, I search for a theme and work upon it to create new collections. The collection for Winter 2008, which is what you can see in the main store today, was inspired in the Cyber world . It may seem a little strange, but I wanted the clothes to bring a little of technology in the cuts and overlaps so that the man of winter AC Store, is modern, beautiful, sexy and relaxed. So I used little details that we can see on robots as the type of cutting the structure, colors, textures etc.


Sebastiaan Vollmar: In terms of design, which piece has been the most difficult for you?

>Em termos de desgin, qual foi a peça mais difícil?

Cheerno Destiny: Sempre é um grande desafio criar uma peça, por menor que seja. Por que eu sou obsecado por perfeição e procuro sempre me superar. As vezes eu penso…”Essa coleção vai ser melhor, ou essa peça tem que ser mais perfeita que a anterior”…Isso é uma coisa normal no meu dia a dia. Mas sem dúvida não só para mim mas para todos os designer do SL, a peça mais dificil de se produzir são os skins.

>>>Its always a challenge to create a new piece even if it´s a small one. I’m a perfectionist, and I’m always trying my best to make it better. Sometimes I think … “This collection will be better, or this piece has to be more perfect than the previous one” … this is how I react in my life. But certainly not just for me but for most of designer in SL, but in my opinion the hardest pieces are the skins.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: Which piece are you most proud of?

>de qual peça você mais se orgulha?

Cheerno Destiny: Eu fico muito feliz de ter feito meu Skin pessoal, pois meus skins são fotorealistas ou seja, são produzidos a partir de fotografias da RL e eu tirei as minhas e me transportei para o SL. Acho que é a única peça da loja que eu jamais pensaria em vender.

>>>I’m very proud I have done my own skin, because my skins are realistic they are produced using rl photos. And I used my own photos to create mine, it´s the only piece you cant find in my store.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: I know that you also create a beautiful line of skins. How long does it usually take to create one?

>Eu sei que você tambem cria lindas linhas de skins, quando tempo leva pra criar uma skin?

Cheerno Destiny: Os skins são realmente peças muito complicadas de se fazer devido ao encontro das partes e as milhare sde camadas necessarias para estar fazendo as variações. Hoje existem programas que nos auxiliam na criação, mas acertar um skin é um trabalho de paciência, persistência e muita perfeição. Eu levo em média para produzir um novo skin cerca de 30 a 40 dias, tenhu pensando em estar trabalhando como alguns studios que produzem um unico skin perfeito durante o ano em uma variação de estilos. Mas mesmo assim o tempo médio de produção de um skin é de 30 a 40 dias mesmo.

>>>The skins are very complicated pieces because of the many layers you need to deal with to create a good variation of tones. Today there are programs that assist us in creating, but doing this work needs patience, persistence and perfection. It takes me 30 to 40 days to finish a skin, I thought about working with the same skin with make up and toes variation but anyway this work takes time.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: Do you have any tips for new designers starting out in Second Life?

>Você tem algum conselho para dar aos novos designs começando aqui no second life?

Cheerno Destiny: Sim, a principal arma de um designer é dedicação e amor ao trabalho. Conheço muitas pessoas que produzem 400 – 500 peças por estação. É uma ideia interessante, mas realmente não serve pra mim, prefiro passar semanas estudando uma camisa, ou criando um scarf porque então terei a certeza de que o resultado final será positivo e as pessoas vão conseguir enxergar que existe um grande estudo por de trás disso. Então meu conselho é, seja paciente e produza qualidade, estude sempre, procure se atualizar em relação ao que acontece no SL. Eu por exemplo no momento estou produzindo sculptures porque tenho estudado a mais de 3 meses programas 3D. Conhecimento é a unica coisa que as pessoas não podem tirar de você. lembre-se disso sempre.

>>>Yes, The important thing about designing is dedication and passion. I know many people who produce 400 to 500 pieces per season. It sounds good but it´s not what I’m looking for, I´d rather spend weeks studying a shirt or creating a scarf because I’ll make sure people will like it and will see there’s hard work in that piece. My advice is to be patient, create pieces with good quality, study, and be always online with sl world to see what is happening. Right now i´ve be working on sculpties because i´ve been studying for 3 months the 3d program. Knowledge is something Important , remember it.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: What type of person wears your clothing?

>Que tipo de pessoa veste suas roupa?

Cheerno Destiny: Bom! Vou tentar traçar um perfil do Cliente AC Store. As pessoas que usam minhas roupas são pessoas modernas, ousadas, que vivem em busca de novidades e gostam de reinventar a moda ao seu estilo. Sempre tendo como segmento principal, a atualidade e o Glamour de forma que não importa a hora ou o local, ele sempre estará vestindo originalidade, luxo e perfeição.

>>>Well, i´ll try to define the AV Store customer. They are very modern people, outrageous, people who like to reinvent their look, create their own style , always comparing to the news, glamour, what’s the top at that time. They can wear my clothes all the time always being sure to be dressed with authenticity, luxury and perfection.

I would like to thank the whole team JW Models, the entire retain that you have given me and the affection with which they are getting to me, my partner and my creations inside the Fashion Show.

A loving you a hug of AC Store whole family and our thanks. So sure where to be there when needed.

Thank you again!

Cheerno Destiny – AC Store

New Designer Spotlight: Marisela Bouchard and Sinsaber Holgado


I had a chance to talk with an exciting new designing team the other day. Their names are Marisela Bouchard and Sinsaber Holgado. They are the owners of two great new shops called “Silk Dreams/Wet Dreams” and ”Santero.” The shops just opened this week with a swinging salsa party that was really fun. Their line features numerous items from casual wear to swim suits. Marisela creates bright, beautifully detailed textures for the ladies. Her designs are sexy and sophisticated with just the right amount of whimsy. Sinsaber’ s clothes are also striking. He makes bold, comfortable clothing by combining rich, monochromatic colors and elegantly simple layers. I asked them if they would mind doing an interview so that our readers could get better aquainted with them. Here is what they had to say.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: How long have you been a part of Second Life?

Marisela Bouchard: Since July 1, 2006

Sinsaber Holgado: Since 11/22/2006

Sebastiaan Vollmar: What are your favorite things to do here?

Marisela Bouchard: Create. Sinsaber and I, along with a very good friend, used to own an art gallery that housed incredibly talented RL and SL artists. The quality of their RL work and their SL work was amazing. This is the most creative place in the universe. I am constantly amazed at what people are making here and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: How long have you been creating clothes?

Sinsaber Holgado: I have been making clothes for two months and Marisela has been for about 5 months.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

Marisela Bouchard: I’m an artist in RL and I love figurative drawing, especially of exotic women’s faces. In SL, I got into photography and started manipulating photographic images of female avatars in Photoshop and turned them into sensual and very feminine works of art. When I make clothes I don’t feel like I’m creating fashion, I feel like I’m creating art. And similar to how I work when I create art, I’m not inspired by anything tangible nor do I have a vision or plan for any piece. I just play around and when I like it, I stop. Sometimes I do have a vision of what I want to do with a certain piece, but the end result is not even remotely similar to what that vision was!

Sinsaber Holgado: I am a fine art photographer & digital artist. My art constantly seeps into my designs. At times it screams my art and sometimes it lurks within the fabric. My clothes are part of my art.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: In terms of design, which piece has been the most difficult for you?

Marisela Bouchard: Oh, that was definitely the slingshot bikini. That piece took several weeks and hundreds of lindens on uploads!

Sinsaber Holgado: No one piece has been the most difficult. The most difficult thing is trying to intergrate my art with the clothing without stretching and distorting it.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: Do the two of you collaborate on your designs or work alone?

Marisela Bouchard: We mainly work on our designs alone but always get honest critiques and help/advice from each other.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: Do you have any tips for new designers starting out in Second Life?

Marisela Bouchard: Be prepared to work your butt off! Designing clothes is very creative and very satisfying, but there is so much work involved that is tedius like taking the photographs, making vendors and placing them, building a store, etc., tons of work just to get to the part where the piece goes up for sale. The work isn’t done when you upload the texture! Then after all that work, you have to work even harder on marketing your clothes.

Sinsaber Holgado: Practice, practic, practice.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: Thank you so much for talking with me, today.