SNEEKY PEEK at CYNFUL New Release – Deliciosa Lingerie

Any day now Cynful will be releasing a delicious line of sexy lingerie with a sinful edge.

Made to flatter your figure, the beautiful lace texturing and strapless style of Deliciosa will catch any mans attention and invoke a romantic mood.

You can wear [Cynful] Deliciosa Lingerie on its own ~ OR ~ if you’re feeling a bit more daring and flirty try wearing Deliciosa with Lola’s Sculpted Breasts, like I am in the photo’s above.

After you’ve purchased your [Cynful] Deliciosa Lingerie ~ and ~ [Cynful] Deliciosa Applier (in the same colour), head on down to Lola’s and purchase your sculpted breasts (I’m wearing Lola’s Push-up 2.5)

How I like to wear [Cynful] Deliciosa Lingerie + the [Cynful] Applier with Lola’s Sculpted Breasts:

1. Wear [Cynful] Deliciosa Lingerie – Applier Fix (this bra option shows no texture in the cleavage area so you won’t see texture under your Lola breasts)
2. I like to adjust my avatar shape breast size down to around 20 more or less and breast cleavage down to 0 – this is just a guide for my shape you’d have to play with the sliders and see whats more appealing for your shape.
3. a. Wear your Lola’s sculpted breasts (you should also read the User Manual that comes with them as the maker provides a lot of info).
b. Click on your Lola’s breasts, you’ll see a blue drop down menu appear – select <Clothing> then <Nude>
4. You are now ready to Wear the [Cynful] Applier in the same colour as your lingerie.

Happy Romancing! xoxo


TOWN – New Releases – Mesh Mini Tops & Tiny Dress


New to Second Life come designers of TOWN – quality mesh clothing for the stylish woman.  Visit TOWN in-world at

[Cynful] New Releases – Its got my name on it! WOOT!

My super talented lil Cyni has just released a new line of casual gear that I’ve been sporting around all week like a second skin \o/ …time to put these in the washer and slip in to another set of colour options \o/ …I kid on the washer bit :p

From Left to Right:
Visit the [Cynful] mainstore for these and other sinful outfits *rawr* –

Outfit: [Cynful] Jewell’s Top and [Cynful] Jewell’s Leggings in Purple, Black and Emerald

Shoes: Step Ahead Ladies Spring Sliders, Kookie Armarda Boots (Black) and Step Ahead Ladies Prim Feet

Hair: Dernier Cri – Madeline

Skin: Belleza – Elle

Smooth Operator

Hair: Maxx-Dark Brown: MADesigns

Glasses: Leo-Sunglasses: YV

Jacket: Hansel Cardigan-Emeraldenvy: !Ohmai

Shirt: Black Poet: *Bellies*

Tie: Green Striped: *FIR*

Pants: Casual-Style-Black: Redgrave

Shoes: Elegance Shoes-Black: Redgrave

*Small note here, !Ohmai is closed..however I bought this Cardi at Tableau in one of the satellite stores. For a replacement Cardi to this look check out Emery.*

Happy Shopping


Feeling the heat already? Look fresh and cool in these new releases from Cynful.  I love the attention to detail and the quality of the texturing Cynthia provides in her outfits, I can guarantee you will want to live in these new kini’s and skirts this summer…enjoy! 😀

The Kini in Pattern Textures is available in 10 different Styles – also available in plain textures.

The Skirt comes in 3 different lengths and in 2 texture versions. Available in 10 Summery Colors.

Available at the Cynful Main Store at –