SNEEKY PEEK at CYNFUL New Release – Deliciosa Lingerie

Any day now Cynful will be releasing a delicious line of sexy lingerie with a sinful edge.

Made to flatter your figure, the beautiful lace texturing and strapless style of Deliciosa will catch any mans attention and invoke a romantic mood.

You can wear [Cynful] Deliciosa Lingerie on its own ~ OR ~ if you’re feeling a bit more daring and flirty try wearing Deliciosa with Lola’s Sculpted Breasts, like I am in the photo’s above.

After you’ve purchased your [Cynful] Deliciosa Lingerie ~ and ~ [Cynful] Deliciosa Applier (in the same colour), head on down to Lola’s and purchase your sculpted breasts (I’m wearing Lola’s Push-up 2.5)

How I like to wear [Cynful] Deliciosa Lingerie + the [Cynful] Applier with Lola’s Sculpted Breasts:

1. Wear [Cynful] Deliciosa Lingerie – Applier Fix (this bra option shows no texture in the cleavage area so you won’t see texture under your Lola breasts)
2. I like to adjust my avatar shape breast size down to around 20 more or less and breast cleavage down to 0 – this is just a guide for my shape you’d have to play with the sliders and see whats more appealing for your shape.
3. a. Wear your Lola’s sculpted breasts (you should also read the User Manual that comes with them as the maker provides a lot of info).
b. Click on your Lola’s breasts, you’ll see a blue drop down menu appear – select <Clothing> then <Nude>
4. You are now ready to Wear the [Cynful] Applier in the same colour as your lingerie.

Happy Romancing! xoxo


Skin Flicks – New Designs

Skin Flicks Scarlett Outfit Green

Skin Flicks Scarlett Outfit Green

Mavis McGettigan makes yet another beautiful soft and elegant outfit that is set in the tone of green with accenting floral prints. This dress is absolutely stunning and also emphasizes the femininity of the creation. The wrap around top is sensual and also has a wrap around in the same floral print as the sleeves. Mavis is a very talented designer and I can’t wait to see more of her beautiful creations as she makes them!

Aliyeh Yifu

Skin Flicks – New Designs

Skin Flicks Isabella Dress Beige

Skin Flicks Isabella Dress Beige

Mavis McGettigan also created this beautiful sassy chic beige dress that is short and sassy. This is a linen fabric that fits snugly against the frame to create a sensual look for any special occasion. The floral print is on the sleeves and the tie around the waist. This alluring autumn color print invites any special piece of jewelry to the entire look. Yet another spectacular creation from Mavis McGettigan.

Skin Flicks – New Designs

Skin Flicks Gemma Outfit Green

Skin Flicks Gemma Outfit Green

Mavis McGettigan is at it again with her lovely and unique creations that gracefully drape off your gorgeous body. This new dress called Gemma Green creates a romantic feeling in gorgeous sea foam green. The top has primed sleeves as well as a V neck that is pleasing to the eye. The darker shade of green wrap around is the perfect tough to the entire outfit. Very beautiful feminine 2 piece dress that I am sure you will love.

FASHION SHOW: ‘Covergirl’ Saturday 23rd August 6pm slt

JM Models is hosting another spectacular fashion show featuring top notch designs from ‘Covergirl’ designer fnzo Takacs. This is a show you won’t want to miss! You are invited to join the JM beauties as they strut down the catwalk this Saturday August 23rd at 6pm sl time! We look forward to seeing you!

Aliyeh Yifu

Dress yourself in moving lights!


LATELY I’VE NOTICED some of SL’s hottest, toughest and macho studs popping about SL humming ‘I feel pretty… Oh so pretty…..’ and I noticed one thing in common. That would be Living Lights, a clever and HOT new ‘clothing’ item that is comprised of moving lights that move about the body. In a word, they are stunning.

Please have a look at the pictures so that you have an idea of what I am talking about now. Basically, these are objects that are attached to various body parts. They lights are not stagnant, but moving, and are definitely eye catching. Each set comes with a HUD that allows you to change colors (more colors and nuance than you can imagine), intensity of light, and many other options. Each object attached to a different part of the body and can be independently controlled. There are so many possibilities here. Most times I’ve seen people wearing Living Lights, the people are nude, using the Living Lights as clothing, however, I see no reason why they can’t be worn independently such as you would wear a necklace or bracelet, or worn with any article of clothing that you wish, in any color that you desire. Trying them on I watched the lights play about my biceps, over my abs, enhancing the definition on my chest. The flexibility inherent in Living Lights will make them a very versatile part of your wardrobe.

I chose to dress myself all in black with a black background in order to be the foil for this outstanding product. They come in several different ‘outfits’ – this one is called ‘Strength.’ Others are Confidence, Contemplation, Dynamism, Maturity, Submission, Serenity and Uninhibited. Each one is different with different attachments and different patterns of light. The flexibility inherent in these items is astounding. You can mix and match with each other, and of course, wear them with any other articles of clothing you wish, in just about any color that you desire. Outstanding!

Specifically I am wearing:

Strength – Living Light – Chest
Strength – Living Light – Left Bicep
Strength – Living LIght – Right Bicep
Strength – Living Light – Pelvis
Strength – Living Light – Right Thigh
Strength – Living LIght – Left Thigh

The included HUD allows you to change Color, Intensity, Speed, Cycle, a Poofer, Madness and Sleep mode. I love Living Lights and I think they embody the best of what SL is about – FUN.

You can find Living LIghts at The Penguin Bar Animations, along with many other outstanding products from these outstanding vendors.

A BIG thank you to my friend Carl Wilder for showing me Living Lights and pointing me in their direction. Thank you Carl 🙂

Now – go check them out!

I feel prettyyyyyyyy, oh soooo prettyyyyy ….

Photography by Kritz Etzel

Click the thumbnails below to see a larger picture:

Sexy!!!! Hot Male Silks

by Jaho Yalin

Photography by Kritz Etzel

I’M GOING OFF THE BOARD with this weeks post, tackling an outfit that is definitely not mainstream.  SILKS!  Specifically male silks.  A great deal of what we know of as fashion is about feeling and looking sexy and hot.  I think these fit the bill…

Few things are as hot and sexy as putting on Silks, OR your partner putting them on.  Today i’m featuring a set of Silks called Devotion 4 Men form Solange! Fashions/The Silk Raven.  In one word, they are fantastic.

These come with many different prim attachments, with several choices for most items.  For instance there are 2 versions of the arm bands, 3 versions each of the flexi silk in both long and shorts.  Amazing.  But what makes these particularly nice is the fitting system.  No more going into edit and doing stretch or shrinking to get something to fit properly.  These come with something called ScriptFit, and to call it amazing is an understatement.  It is my sincere hope that all prim attachments come with this amazing feature soon.   Simple and easy to fit, even a newbie could do it.  A huge THANK YOU to the genius behind ScriptFit.

Many people associate Silks with Master/Slave relationships, and that is certainly true to an extent.  However it is my experience that most people, even macho types, have at least one set of Silks in their closet.  And hey !!! a little role play never hurt anybody right 🙂   And when you put them on you can’t help but get a rush of excitement.  For just pure fun, not to mention a special night with that special someone, Silks just can’t be beat.  I guarantee they will add some zest and excitement to spice up the evening.  I like to wear a jock strap under mine just for that extra naughty touch 😛 so I decided to wear the jockstrap for this blog from MD Underwear.  Why not?  SL is supposed to be fun right?  Mixing and matching is part of that.  And after putting on this outfit I’m not having any trouble filling it out :O

These MD Leather Jocks are great.  They come in metallic hues and are great in texture and don’t look like  a tatoo on your skin like some others do.  You’ll be very happy with these ones.

These silks come in many colors, surely one to suit  you.  A matching choker, armbands, anklets, circlet, thong, a thighband and a great shoulder drape in long and short versions.   I’ve chosen to wear the long version in these photographs.   Of course you can mix and match and wear whatever you like.

If you like Silks, or would like to give them a try, I highly recommend these ones.  They are exceptional in every way from the amazing flexi, the great depth of appearance, down to the extremely easy fitting mechanisms.  Treat yourselves to these ones guys, and at the same time your special friend will be delighted too.  It doesn’t get any better than this!

I just love them, and I think you will too…

Specifically what I have on here:

RED Devotion Anklet (L) & (R)
RED Devotion Arm Band (L) & (R) V2
RED Devotion Braclet (L) & (R)
RED Devotion Choker
RED Devotion FLEX! Silk (LONG) V2
RED Devotion Shoulder Drape (LONG)
RED Devotion Silk Thong
SILVER – Devotion FLEX! Thighband
SILVER Devotion Circlet V2


MD 6909 Leather Jock, metallic Red