Stephen Venkman

JM Models President and JM Elite Model

About Stephen: A resident of Second Life for almost 5 years, I’ve done many things in Second Life over the years. Gallery Curator in SL, I’ve had my works published in real life and shown at the Natural Museum of History in Florence Italy. I’ve been a member of “Not Possible In Real Life” since 2007 as a featured photographer. I’ve had many submissions over the years for magazine’s and blogs. Modeling became a natural progression from my photography, to blogs, store ads, to runways with JM Models. Currently I’m creating and sellling my custom shapes and my artwork at my gallery on MiLova.

Goals: To have as much fun as possible while learning something new from my fellow Second Lifer’s.

Experience: Modeled for Vain magazine, PXL Skins, Truth male clothing, Gracie Kendel project, and runway Model for JM Modeling. Free Lance photogapher for Opulent magazine, Vain magazine, SLag magazine, Nu Vibez magazine, Royal Living magazine, Twilight Magazine to name a few. Photographer in second life for over 4 years.

Most Embarrasing Moment in SL: Tping into a Sim with my bits exposed, only I didn’t know it.. couldn’t see it .. but this dude did and he hit on me. LOL  Gotta love sl.

Modeling Achievements: Not walking off the stage in high lag periods. Chuckles