Ariadne Barzane


About Ariadne: I love meeting new people and experiencing new adventures.  Friendly and open, I have a talent for making people feel comfortable around me.  I love things that bring smiles and laughter to myself and the people around me.

Goals: I want to do everything in-world at least once – twice if it is fun!!  Experiencing the vast riches of our Second Life world with family and friends is a big part of my personal goal.

In the fashion arena, it is working with the JM team members to showcase the creativity and imagination of the talented in-world designers.  Whether it is capturing the perfect photo, helping to coordinate or organize an event, walking the runway in the latest fashion – it is all good!

Enjoying the journey is what it is all about!

Experience: I love taking photographs inworld and have been fortunate to have guidance from some very talented mentors.  Landscapes, profile pictures, runway shows and portfolio shots have offered wonderful lessons and allowed me to grow as a photographer.

I have enjoyed opportunities as a production manager for an internet television program and a DJ for inworld clubs.  I am a freelance writer who has had articles and photos published in a number of inworld magazines.

Most Embarrassing Moment in SL: That would probably be my saying ‘No’ when my husband, before he was my husband, first asked me to marry him.  At the time I did not think he was serious – Boy was I wrong!!  He was so serious that he asked me to marry him every day for six months!!  We have been married almost three years now so it is obvious he was not kidding!!

Modeling Achievements:
JM Models VP of Operations
Coordinated backstage operations for JM Models
Runway show for Captive Elegance
Print work for Opulent Magazine, Prim Perfect Magazine