Rouge Anthony

About Rouge: I am a bit of a goofball who watches cartoons more than anything.  I like to listen to all kinds of music and have a slight addiction to my Nintendo Wii but I swear I can quit anytime.  I am a vintage fashionista and will troll shops and out of the way spots to add to my back in time styling.

Goals: Would love to be one of the first, if not only, curvy working models doing runway and print work as often as possible.  Would also like to get better at taking photos so that what is in my brain gets relayed to the photos I create.

Experience: Have walked in a number of runway shows.  I have previously worked as a stylist and show coordinator to see what things were like in the background.  I’m a blogger for my personal site and another agency.  I graduated from Maniera Institute of Style and superElite Modeling Academy.

Most Embarrasing Moment in SL: I am trying to remember one but I think I have deliberately blanked it from my brain.

Modeling Achievements: Hmmm achievements are hard to pinpoint for me in a way.  I see each show I’ve done and each agency I have been invited to as an accomplishment.  They allow me to do what I love and add another viewpoint to the crazy fashion world.  I have become a great fan of blogging and view it as another way to keep myself keyed in to the latest fashions.  I’ve placed third and fourth in a few contests but generally just being invited to participate allows me to learn something new that is of value.