Gamp Lane

Goals: I have been in Second Life for three years now, and my goals have shifted slightly here and there, but the one constant goal has been to continue to eveolve as a Model.  modeling is my passion and my joy.  In addition to modeling, I have started honing my photography skills (via Photoshop) and it is my intention to begin working as a Photographer at some point.  Photography seems to be a natural adjunct to modeling, and both give me a chance to express myself artistically.

Experience: I tarted modeling in August, 2007, and currently model regularly for a number of agencies.  I also  do Print work regularly.  I have modeled for pretty much every type of event, including charity work Relay For Life each year

Most Embarrasing Moment in SL: Well there are many..but in the modeling arena, it would probably be when I realized I was wearing the same outfit twice in a row on the runway. I’m not sure how I missed that, nerves I guess, but I thought my career was over at that point, and my friend had to talk me down off the tower i was going to jump from :p

Modeling Achievements: I graduated from Ewing Elite model training, MODA Modeling School and Fashion Institute.  I model for numerous agencies, and am frequently asked to join special modeling assignments.  I have been a pre-finalist for Miss Virtual World for the last three years.  I am a MODA Spotlight model, and we do a weekly live show for TREET.TV so I am accustomed to working under time constraints.  I also teach modeling classes for MODA.  I believe I am well known in the modeling community and hopefully well respected.  I feel very fortunate to know so many wonderful people and have the opportunity to work in the field of fashion.