Blossoms Sweetwater


About Blossoms: I am a representative of CHINA / Miss CHINA  in Miss Vurtial World 2011 contest. I have deep brown eyes and raven black hair with signature Asian appearance. I love smooth music in my ears and opera fan. Fashion lover who loves nature, beautiful creations and creatures.

Goals: my goal is a bridge to introduce between asia  and Western fashion in many way. I hope  other models and I share our knowledge to keep up our skills.

Run way: : Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy  Graduation Show  / May. 2010
MVW model academy Graduation Show  / July 2010
LookElite academy  Graduation Show  / Nov 2010
Gems and Kisses- Mini Show / May 2010.
Team edo -Narkissos Show / July 2010.
Arcobaleno- SITMet Show /  Sept 2010.
69 Park Ave Model Agency- Opening Show / Sept 2010
MVW 2011 competitions shows  presents from Sept to Dec.
☯ BLACK & WHITE Management☯  Store openining live model.

Printz model for Prinz Photo Studio. GOS store.
Live Model: Gems and Kisses – since March 2010.
Store staff: Styles of edo since June 2010.

Most Embarrasing Moment in SL: Well… when I was a new to SL, I did not know how to put clothes on, even make money. Found the way to make $$ to get fancy outfit !  I started camping for the L$. However, I did not know how to prevent for time out to stay in world longer at that time. I was staying at my screen to keep watching  to my avatar awake over 8 hours a couple of days, till someone told me how to keep avatar awaking. I learn new things everyday.

Modeling Achievements:
Miss Virtual World 2011 Finalist as Miss.CHINA.

Current affiliations:
✿Gems & Kisses ✿
☆Arcobaleno Modeling Agency☆
69 Park Ave Model Agancy
✿D E J A V O G U E✿
..::: JM MODELS ::…
★Team edo★
☯ BLACK & WHITE Management☯
✿Styles of edo.  Main store  staff ✿.

past affiliations:
☯ BLACK & WHITE Management☯