Wyeth Slade

About Wyeth: My personality is very mellow, laid back, well mannered. I have a way of bringing a soothing and calming feel to any situation. I can be playful at times, although that is usually reserved for those closest to me or those who have a similar sense of humor. I can be as intense as I am mellow, if the situation dictates it. I strive towards the best possible outcome for any situation at hand.

I have had the good fortune to be able to accomplish every goal I have set for myself in world, but that’s just because I set a very low bar….just kidding, really. I bring a level of commitment and loyalty to all endeavors that speaks for itself. I am willing to explore new things and also bring a wealth of knowledge to whatever I undertake. I will go above and beyond to ensure the success of what I am involved in. I believe in enjoying the adventure and sharing the accolades with those who were part of all successes. I believe I have more to offer than just a pretty face, my face is pretty isn’t it? *Shrugs*

Goals: My goals are two fold but run hand in hand, modeling and photography, the experience of one has helped my immensely in the other. In modeling it has understand the time taken in adjusting a pose a pose stand or lighting to get the vibe just right. In photography it has helped me understand the communication needed between photographer and model to get that right look to make a picture come to life.

★December 2008 – Prim Perfect Holiday issue – Holiday Home Article
★January 2009 Vamps and Tramps Male Model of the month
★Opium Fashion Agency Runway Show “The Fight” 03/14 and 03/15/2009
★Tribe Island Endless Summer – 06/27/2009
★SLGLAM Runway Show 07/19/2009
★Fasnia Runway 08/22/2009
★January / February 2010 – Opulent Magazine – The Sharp Dressed Man

Most Embarrassing Moment in SL: That would probably be telling my wife, before she was my wife, I wasn’t the marrying type…..we’ve been married almost three years now *Shrugs* who knew.

Modeling Achievements:
★January 2009 Vamps and Tramps Male Model of the month