Vanity Philly

About Vanity: I am a very simple person with simple needs, rl and sl. I love sl fashion a lot. i’m a shopaholic. And  i love mixing and matching stuffs. I also love interacting with different people from different places. Makes me learn a lot. I’m hardworking and a very loyal friend. They say i’m too good to be true but it’s just what i am.

Goals: To be remembered as a good model who have set a good example to my colleagues. To be a very respectable person not because i have won a title but because  i have been an asset to the agencies i have worked with.

1.  Modeled for
a. MA Modeling Agency and Academy
b. Farouche Tres Modeling Agency
c. Bootgasm Boots model
d. Lurani Model
e. Maritima modele
f. EBA Model
g. Finesmith Designs

2.  Print model for
a.  ***KUTIS***
b.  April Issue of Fashion Alert! Magazine
c.   .::MUSH::. Print Ad Model – September Skin Ad
d. CAPA Magazine Cover Girl – April
e. Japan Relief Fundraiser

3.  Runway shows:
a.    ***KUTIS***
b.    Lascivite en la Vogue for Gatti skins- April 17             (Saturday), 2010 at 4 pm slt
c.    Bachelorette Resplendent by Morea Style
d.    The Ultimate Betrayal by Betrayal Designs -MARCH 30, 2010
e.     FS Face 2010 by Finesmith Designs
f.     Santa Cruzan for Bliss Couture, Casa del Shai and Finesmith Designs – May 29, 2010
g.    Diamonds are forever Show for Farouche Tres Modeling Agency – Aug 14, 2010
h.    Out in the Street Show for Finesmith jewelry designs, Pink Demise and Rotten Defiance
i.    Avant Couture Garden For Fellini Couture – September 12, 2010
j.    Hinamatsuri Show for Maritima Inc. – 26th Febuary (Saturday) 2011.
k.   Caught by by [NN] Designs – Oct. 17, 2010
l.    Gifts of Heaven – Mons skins
m. To be continued Show for Jador – March 6, 2011
n.    Lurani fashion Show

4.  Worked as a trainor for MA Modeling Agency and Academy

5.  worked as Over all Coordinator/OIC for MA Modeling Agency and Academy
6. CEO – MA Modeling Agency and Academy

Most Embarrasing Moment in SL: When i fell off the stage because my pc wasn’t so good then.

Modeling Achievements:
My Precious- Judges Choice of Dress Shot for February 2011
CAPA Girl Cover Contest Winner – April