Sequoia Nightfire

About Yourself:
I am from the US, i love books and the world they opened to me. I feel very much the same about the creative opportunities in SL and the the ability to have dear friends across the globe.  I am  fiercly loyal and i tend to take care of my friends and families needs before my own. I am a person who believes strongly that we should give to others without any expectation of return. It has blessed my life in so many ways.

My sl goals are to continue to be involved in ways i can improve the lives of others, either through charitable means or by giving of my talent and time. I would  like to continue my growth in creative and artistic things. I also would like to continue to teach and to develop my skills as model so i can continue to be considered elite.

3 years as a Runway, Print , & Customer Service Model. Machinima actress, Styling expert, Teacher and mentor to some of the best models in SL, an accomplished jewelry designer, agency owner, show producer, script writer, set builder , sim builder, fashion blogger & modeling wiki resource developer. I have been a Customer Service  model at Ivalde, one of the oldest and most respected fashion houses in SL  for three years, where i also maintain my main jewelry store +Aurora Borealis+ .  Creator/Founder of Peace on Earth Gridwide Hunt, a sl holiday tradition, entering 4th year of existance fall of 2011.

Most Embarrasing Moment in SL:
Unwittingly, one night, i rezzed a free gift in my wee tiny apartment. It turned out to be an unlinked three story castle which invaded nearly a quarter sim and living space of other dwellers on the sim. It took me hours to find all the prims.

Modeling Achievements:
I have had many achievements as a model most of them have come from being selected to model with many respected elite agencies, including JM Models, in a considerable number of shows. This has lead to many other opportunities to achieve, including being recognized for my talents and  becoming an instructor at Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy. My ability to instill confidence and guide others to find their own sense of style has brought great success for many who have studied my methods.