Sensual Fold

About Sensual: I am a happy, helpful, loyal, dependable person, I love to help anyone in need of it. I am most attracted to the classy/sexy/classic type of clothing but I am willing to wear anything that a client needs me to wear.

Goals: I work very hard in trying to perfect  my modeling career, to me it is much more important to be a very good model as to a “top model”, I enjoy learning all I can about the industry. So in a nutshell, my goal is to be a very good, dependable model in the SL fashion industry.

Feb 2009….Wed Ex 2009
Feb 22, 2010….Alter Ego Fashion Show
Feb 7, 2010…Priemer Rock N’ Roll Fashion Show
March 26, 2010 Metropolis Fashion Park’s Blues show
Virtual London Fashion Week
Fashion Palace’s Grand Re-opening
7-12-10 Fabulous Fashion with Angie Morninton…Modeled for Kimmera Madison

Most Embarrasing Moment in SL: I had always hoped never to have one but of course it finally happend just last week.  I went to a HUGE concert, so big that i had to jump on a table to dance.  Lag was bad with so many people there.   Half way through the hour I get an IM, “did you know that you have no pants on”?.  I was mortified, not only did i look cheesy on a table dancing but I was doing it half naked!

Modeling Achievements: I have modeled in many fashion shows, been on a fashion tv show (sl of course), photo shoots aplenty, a magazine story/shoot, and ad shoots. I won the MIW (Make It Work) contest for June where i won a scholarship to Maniera Institute of Style.