Ric Lyle

Why did you decide to choose a career as a Second Life model?
To me SL has been a chance to do things that you didn’t do, or wouldn’t be able to do, in RL.  In RL I’ve always admired people who could  sing, dance, play musical instruments, model and generally perform in front of people.  Consequently, I’ve emphasized those kind of things in my SL life.   I think modeling is an extension of the dance career I already have in SL.  Oh, I also like clothes and costumes.

 Why have you chosen to train with JM Models?
I actually started looking at model agencies a year ago because I knew I needed training to pursue a modeling career.  I met Aliyeh Yifu when I was doing a photo shoot for Chippendales.   I asked her a lot questions about modeling and she was very honest and helpful.  And Opulent Magazine is one of the classiest magazines in SL.  Aliyeh suggested I contact Jewell Munro and and River Stromfield (my mentor) with JM Models.  Jewell and River are honest and good people who are also true creative professionals.   These are the type of people you want to align yourself with in SL.  Consequently, I chose JM Models and haven’t regretted my decision one bit.  In fact, I feel very lucky that I found Aliyeh, Jewell, River, and JM Models!

Where do you hope to go with your SL Modelling career once you complete the training?
I just want to start modeling and try to get better every  day.  I don’t think I have the skills to design clothes because there are some real creative people in this field.  And I don’t think I am management material, lol.  So, my goal is to eventually be one of the better male models in SL.  Anyway, I’ll give it my best.  But I also look forward to meeting creative people in the fashion industry and hopefully find a way to contribute.