Rhonda Pennell

About Rhonda: Rezzed in the summer of 2007, I am just a sweet girl who has fallen in love with SL fashion and managed to build a successful and highly enjoyable career out of it. Modeling is my greatest passion, and the imagination and creativity of fashion designers in SL continues to amaze me – I am proud to be able to help bring it to a greater audience on the runway, in print, or as a live pose model. The fashion world is one of talent, diversity, cooperation, and the amazing feeling of sharing our accomplishments and celebrating them!
I am honoured to have made many wonderful friendships and contacts, and greatly appreciate kindness and consideration. Although I am rather shy and spend much time by myself, I also love to laugh and have good times with my close friends and loved ones in SL – I am well known for my sense of humour which sometimes borders on the silly:)

Goals: I have never really thought of myself as a top model – so many of my peers are equally talented and beautiful – but I am proud of my past achievements and hope to continue modeling for a long time to come. I seek to keep improving myself and keeping my appearance and skill set updated, hopefully never becoming stale as a result. I also wish to invest more time into charity events, benefit auctions, and various duties such as photography or blogging, and I am always happy to pass on my knowledge and help tomorrow’s supermodels come into their own as an accredited instructor at a major modeling academy. Simply put, my goal is to continue to model and be known as a reputable professional with a love for fashion, represented by the best agencies such as AVENUE, Glance, JM Models, Maniera, Boulevard, and many more.

Countless runway shows and other live events since early 2008; successfully graduated from Avenue in December 2008 and SuperElite (elite level class) in September 2009.
Photoshoots for store displays: Prism, Naive, je suis, Neiva Kumasi Couture, Body Talking, Nefertiti Kimagawa Designs, and more.
Feature appearances in Avenue, Maniera, Nu Vibez, and BOSL magazines.
Multiple appearances on “Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington” as a live model.
Occasional script writing, show hosting and directing, blogging; also active as a modeling academy instructor.
Technically well experienced with SL and various third party viewers; expert skills in prim editing and fitting, versatile styling abilities backed up by an extensive inventory.

Most Embarrasing Moment in SL: Addressing the female CEO of a modeling agency as a ‘he’ before being corrected!  Thankfully, she has a great sense of humour, and I am still a model there 🙂

Modeling Achievements:
First runner-up in Playmates swimwear photo contest, July 2008.
First runner-up in Maniera’s first covergirl search, January 2009.
Selected as a finalist for Miss Virtual World 2011, July 2010.
Named as one of the top 5 performing models by Glance International Agency, August 2010.
Promoted to top model status in several modeling agencies.
Currently a store model for Mohna Lisa Couture and Finesmith Jewelry; former store model for Gems & Kisses.