QueenBrat Bracken

About Yourself: Hi, my name is QueenBrat Bracken. I finished the LA modeling Academy in August of 2009 and have been modeling ever since. I also attended Fashion Institute. I enjoy photography and have placed in many contests using pictures I took myself including most recently I won the Babydoll’s Lingerie Valentines photo contest. I also enjoy shopping and music in SL.

Goals: My goals are really the same as they have always been- to be the best model I can be and do a good job in every show. I also have a goal of never missing a show I am supposed to be in and so far I haven’t.

Experience: I have been in over 135 fashion shows to date. I love runway modeling but I have also done print work, and live/event modeling and really I enjoy all aspects of modeling.

Most Embarrasing Moment in SL: When I first started on SL almost 4 years ago I was shopping in a mall and noticed all of a sudden that my shoes were missing.I looked all around and was like where are my shoes. Then I noticed both shoes had gotten stuck up my avatars butt. For people who have been playing a long time know this was a common problem years ago but for some reason every time it happened to me I was in public.

Modeling Achievements: I was the winner for Winner of Calendar Model of the month  for November 2010. I won the MFMP quarter finals and Miss Winter Metropolis in April. I was the Hot & Sparkling Cover model winner for April. CCD Goddess Contest- Second Place and Champagne Sparkling Face of the month Second place for April.VDI Photo Contest Winner for April’10. JCNY Model’Fest runner up for August, 2010. DC Style Model  Discovery Winner Nov,09. Face of Liquid Dreams Photography.