Laetitia Vella

About Laetitia: I came to sl in February of 2007 after reading about virtual worlds in Time magazine. I’d just come off an intense extended project in rl and wanted to have fun exploring something new and different. From the moment I arrived in sl, I was in love with it. I spent hours exploring sims admiring the creativity and inspiration of the creators and meeting people from around the world. Although I only started modeling in April 2010, I followed the fashion world from early on and have enjoyed seeing all the advances in building methods. Flexi hair is sooo much nicer than what we used to have to wear!

Goals: As a model, my goals are to continue to learn and improve always.  I am responsible, a team player and committed to building and establishing a reputation as a skilled model by excelling in all areas of modeling, meeting and working with great people and having a wonderful time doing it!

Experience: I’m represented by several agencies and have done numerous runway shows and print work for such designers as My Precious, Entre Mares, Alienbear, Tres Beau, House of Beningborough, Nymphetamine, Shan SL, Lillou’s Designs and V-Twins.

Most Embarrassing Moment in SL: Most embarrassing? Hmmmm so many to choose from! But in modeling, this has to be when I was taking the 105 course at the Miss Virtual World Academy. It runs over 3 days and I was all ready with my homework done and tried to log in for the second class, but my laptop decided to die right then. I loaded several different viewers into my ancient mac laptop, trying to find one that would work and finally made it to the Patch Thibaud just as the last people were walking. My inventory was loading, I was half in one outfit and half in another, mostly bald and looking like a candidate for arrest by the fashion police. And then I was ordered to walk down the runway and join everyone else for the end of class! I was mortified! But that’s when it’s important to hold on tight to your sense of humour and keep things in perspective.

Modeling Achievements:
Crowned Ms. VR International (April 2010)
Miss Virtual World Pre-finalist (2009, 2010)