Katime Vacano

About Katime:  I have been in SL for a while now and still enjoy it as much as I did when I first started out.  During my time here I have had a keen interest in fashion and modeling, and have worked on various projects.  I also enjoy blogging, shopping, attending live music events and exploring some of the fantastic sims in SL.

Goals:  I would like to do some kind of photography course so I can be better at taking pictures and using photo editing tools, and  my main goal is to continue having fun in SL and enjoy my time here.

Experience: I have been modeling for over four years now, having worked for numerous agencies doing runway and print work as well as blogging.  I have worked with various designers and always maintain a friendly and professional attitude.

Most Embarrassing Moment in SL: I have had many including being half dressed and having no head, but the most embarrassing was when I sent a message to my partner in general chat instead of IM in front of lots of people.

Modeling Achievements:
Finalist in Secondlifes Supreme Supermodel Contest in 2009

JCNY Runner-Up in June 2009

Semi Finalist for Fellini Couture Muse in 2010

Miss Mohna Lisa Couture 2010


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