Calypso Oliphaunt

About Calypso: I have been a model in sl since August 2010 and I have truly loved every minute of it. As a model I do my best to create new and unique style to both inspire other fashion lovers and to enrich and enhance my skills and life both rl and sl. I work tirelessly to create an independent and unique style that stems from personal and rl trends and couture. As a person, I feel I am very kind and patient. I am above all loyal and hardworking for my friends and coworkers and take my work very seriously. SL has opened up so many opportunities for me, it as been an enjoyable game and a fantastic route of communication and career building. Though I love to play and have fun in sl, I do not take my work as a game. In my work as a model, I do my best to be professional and well-styled at all times

Goals:  As a model I have countless goals for my career and future and am creating and aspiring towards new goals every day. I believe my most important goal, the one I will always be working my hardest to achieve, is to never stop learning and being exposed to everything within my industry. I truly believe that no matter what ranking one earns throughout their career, they must always retain a certain level of knowledge and expertise within their field. For my career as a model, I also aspire to one day obtain a crown. Whether it be for a smaller contest or a large one, it has been my dream since becoming a model to work hard and reach a level where I may obtain an honored role

Experience: I am a graduate of MODA Modeling School, MVW Academy, and Avenue. Throughout my career I have participated in some shows, numerous casting, and have done a bit of print work. I love going to photo shoots and seeing the spectacular work of sl’s numerous and greatest photographers but I also feel quite comfortable and at home on the runway.  Also, I have and am currenttly working alongside SHYMS, Hot and Sparkling Fashion Company, Asymetrique, Siren Productions, and CStar Skins

Most Embarrassing Moment in SL: Well when working has a model, I think embarrassing moments should come in the job description lol. I have appeared naked, wearing multiple outfits, and got stuck in lag so bad, I walked completely off stage

Modeling Achievements:
-My Precious November Doll Face 2010
-Face of Fresh 2011 Finalist for Fab.Pony
-Face of Fresh 2011 Finalist for ALEIDA
-H&S’s Lingerie Angel Collection 2011: Best Performance
-Gems and Kisses: Create a Gem Second Edition Winner