Brendon Heron

About Brendon: Hi I’m Brendon, my friends call me Bren, I started modeling in April of 2010 after working for two years as an sl photographer i wanted to see how it was to be in front of the camera.  The modeling world is fantastic i have met great people and amazing designers and photographers who have that eye for art and that is what fashion is its the Art of making things from a clothing vision. I love runway, print work, and even contests but i like mostly working with the great sl models.

Goals: I hope to become the Best Male Model I can be and I hope someday to get a chance at the bigger modeling titles, and maybe someday have my own agency.

Experience: I have done several shows for dejavogue, MA, and a few photoshoots for Silverstar Modeling and hope to do more soon.

Most Embarrasing Moment in SL: Well hmmm that has to be when I was in Avenue Academy and we had dress rehearsal for our graduation show I use a laptop but on this day I had some really major lag and I thought I was fine but I couldn’t get clothes to rez for me, but apparently the show must go on so I did and talk about humbling even though no-one saw anything I did and that was bad enough.  lol

Modeling Achievements: Well I have been fortunate enough in my career so far to be asked by Ambergris deadly fashions to have a line of mens clothes named  The Brendon I am deeply honored and I have done two amazing photoshoots for two amazing designers Tres Beau and Grimm Brothers and look forward to working with others in the future, I also won hunk of the month for hunk Magazine in 2008 which was a great experience.