Angelik Lavecchia

About Angelik: I am on SL since April 2010. In May, while I was doing the “Make Him Over Hunt 3”, I met Marcy Wilson from “Wilson Design’s”, and made her campaign for the outfit “Combustable”. Only then I realised the huge dimension of the fashion world on SL, and I wanted to learn and do more. The guy behind the model, it’s a funny guy, always in a good mood and constantly concerned with his friends..

Goals: At this moment, my goal as a model is to be known and respected as a good professional, and it’s to achieve it that I work hard.

Experience: In this six months of modeling, I made around 30 fashion shows as runway model, for some agencies and designers and I made some vendors and publicity as print model. I am store model at Champagne!Sparkling, and worked at King’s and Queen’s store. I had the honor to be invited for several charity shows, but two of them marked me a lot. “Feed a Smile” to raise money to help the children of Kenya, and “Makeover Magic”, an initiative from the American Cancer Society, were I had the privileged to be one of the mentors of the 2010 program and work with an amazing cancer survivor. Recently I was invited to be a teacher in two agencies, and I am loving this new experience.

Most Embarrassing Moment in SL: The most embarrassing moment I had on SL was when I was using emerald viewer, and started getting problems. Once, on one of those days you don’t have any idea of what you want to wear, I took a lot of time preparing a look to go dancing, and when I arrived there, I was completely naked with just the glasses (at least I was wearing something, lmao)

Modeling Achievements:
* Mr. Super Elite supersearch – 2nd Runner up
* Mr. September 2010 (Super Elite)
* King of October – Runner Up (King’s and Queen’s store)
* King of September – Runner Up (King’s and Queen’s store)
* 2nd Place “Mr. Novice” 2010