Ananya Mai

About Yourself:   I first landed in SL on the 26th day of April 2008.  For a year, I pretty much cruised sims, floated around as a fairy and pretty much bought the shapes and skins of many different sizes shapes and species.  However, one day I met this amazing “neko” and lets just say he ended up tping through my  laptop!  We were married in RL on 10 October 2009!

Some of my hobbies are catching up with friends, visiting beautiful sims (love Kowloon and Pixel Mode), getting my photo taken. shopping, hunts, SL surfing, modelling, and meeting new people.
I love the fashion industry in SL.  It blows me away, every time I check the fashion blogs or tp into one of my favourite stores or a newly discovered store I get butterflies.  The feel of the outfits, the movement of the pieces really takes me to another place.  This is one of many reasons why I am honoured to be here right now.

Goals:   My goal is to learn and grow as much as I can in the fashion industry and organise more fashion shows for aspiring Australian Models (waking at at 2am kills me every time!).  I would also love to develop and maintain invaluable networks and remain an active member  the most exciting community in SL.

I love and respect all SL creators. all them.. that includes those that don’t create objects.. every person that contribute to this amazing SL experience has my vote!!  This said, naturally my heart belongs to all SL designers.. as they fill my inventory with joy and my rl purse with sadness lol

Experience:  I  graduated from the CWS Modelling Academy,  MVW Academy  and Evane Academy and currently enrolled at Glance Academy and EVANE.  I have produced shows for quite a few designers and walk in about 31 Shows some of which I produced.  I have worked with many designers/labels such as Mea Culpa, Violator, Donna Flora, sYs, Vita’s Boudoir, Aleida!, auTRe, Evolve, Glam Affair, Pididdle, Baiastice, R.icielli, The Secret Store, Peque, the Niven Collection, LoQ hair, Morantique Lush and more.  I have done print work for a range of designers in Avenue, Scuplz,  SL Art Couture and a vendor here or there 🙂  All of which is very cool.

Most Embarrassing Moment in SL: Hehehe.. nothing out of the ordinary.. I hope. There have been a few times, where I have gone to a business business meeting and my clothes are completely unrezzed.  So to their delight or horror I am like completely naked :/  I am going to assume this happens to everyone at least once yes?

I really need to phone a friend on this one because I know I am the biggest dork in SL so doing embarrassing things is just so second nature to me.  Like “thinking” I am alone on the top of a building and doing a run up jump off the edge with a parachute going weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee only to get messages telling me how cute that looked hehe but yes.. other than the naked saga thing.. I can’t really think of anything “that” embarrassing.

Modeling Achievements:   I  previously won the JCNY Model Fest January 2010, came second in the Face of Beningborough 2010, finalist in Miss Summer SuperElite, one of the princesses for Agney Finney May 2010, second runner up in May 2010 Lingerie Angel Dessous, winner of the Face of Champagne for August, Ms June for Calendar Models of SL, Semi – Finalist Look of Couture AVENUE (forget which month but was in 2010) , Finalist for Bliss Couture 2011, Ms  Angel Dessous 2011 (shared with Melanie Sautereau) and recently received a BOSL nomination for a Best New Model for 2011.