Jewell Munro


JM Models was founded by Jewell Munro in late 2007. Her desire to form a professional and fun fashion modeling/training agency was inspired by many talented and up n’ coming designers in Second Life.  Jewell partnered shortly thereafter with Aliyeh Yifu, Kamalin Bailey, who all share the same vision, has seen the JM Models agency grow and still continue to produce quality fashion shows since it was established.

JM Models provides an opportunity for new & existing designers to promote their designs through fashion shows and exhibition styled events, it provides aspiring models the support and experience in developing their careers and a forum for the general public to explore the many offerings from the Second Life Fashion industry.

JM Models headquarters can be located on the DIESEL sim.

For all fashion show queries and bookings, please contact Jewell Munro via IM or (preferably) notecard.