A day at PATRON GALLERY with Eliza

What do you call a blonde and a brunette sitting on twinkling rocks?  *laughs*  …I don’t know but was a great day to be had at the PATRON Art Decor & Gallery – view snapshot evidence (pic above).

Two aussie chicks sitting ontop of some super cool twinkling rocks which are a perfect feature for those wanting unique and eye catching decoration for your sim landscaping, not to forget the beautiful sculpted angels in the backdrop….AND other snapshots show the just released, Christmas Trees,  these trees are just beautiful, I L-O-V-E love, them so do yourself a favour and go see these in person, you will fall in love with them and check out the beautiful christmas wreaths while you’re there…infact check out the entire gallery and look for the christmas tree snow globe – one word, divine!

Everything that this exceptionately talented duo that is Eliza Wierwight and Igor Ballyhoo make is just really well made and captivating.

designs by Eliza Wierwight and Igor Ballyhoo


Patron specializes in exclusive couture decor.  Their Interior Design collection includes original works of art: Sculptures, Pictures, Interior decorations, Interior Design Items, Art Couture Gifts & Premium Furnishings.


One thought on “A day at PATRON GALLERY with Eliza

  1. That was such an enjoyable break, spending time with you over this rather hectic festive season. You’re an enchanting and generous woman, we so need to just chill out again soon somewhere. Thank you for all your support of Igor and my work. As always I pushed myself and when people enjoy what we’ve created it makes every moment of contention while creating totally worth it.



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