Summer Fun – Perfect Summer Items

Summer is finally here and it’s that time again to show off those beautiful beach bodies. Here are a few of the great summer items I have had the chance to pick up. A few things that every guy should have in their inventory.

Armidi is known for its style and great variety; and these board shorts are no exception. Perfect for the beach or even just to wear with a t-shirt for a causal outfit. Here are just two of the many designs that await you at the mainstore.

Checkered Boardshorts / Black & Dark Gray & Striped Boardshorts / Blue & Gray

ARMIDI – Hair, Clothing, & Acces, Armidi (135, 127, 25)

Finding good sandals is hard and even harder if you are a male in SL but have no fear for I have found the solution to your sandal problem. Step Ahead offers up some brilliant styles that come with amazing prim feet. They are definitely the best I have seen around the SL world. Here are just two of the different types that are offered. These sandals come complete with a HUD and much more.

Step Ahead – Mens Urban Sliders – Black* & Step Ahead – Mens Strap Sandle

Step Ahead ~ Feet/Shoes, Skin Flicks (181, 47, 30)

Last but not least and just to add a little something to your perfect summer outfit. This new bracelet from +grasp+ is a must have; with its great attention to detail and subtle flare. There is also a necklace to match, pick up the set at the mainstore.

Heaven Bracelet/Mens



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