Skin Flicks SLNC TV Show with JM Models – Kamalin Bailey

JM Models were honoured to model some varied styles, for one of our favourite designers Mavis McGettigans beautiful clothing line, SKIN FLICKS this Monday past for the Fabulous Fashions Show Hosted by Angie Mornington over at the SLNC.TV Studios.

In the first segment of the show, Angie interviewed Mavis talking about her beginings as an SL fashion designer to her inspiration for her designs as well as talking about her skin line, shoe collection and newly created jewellry collection. The second part of the show concentrated on Mavis talking about the outfits that each of the JM Models where displaying, namely a bridal outfit, a cocktail dress, buisness woman attire, a party dress and a casual outfit. The show even displays some picks of yours truly (in black skin flicks lingerie) in the background…woo hoo!

To see the show, check it out at (its on the top of the site, click on pic and the show should start automatically). Or go see it in-world at the SLNC.TV Studio at Fabulous Fashion Television Studio

I wasn’t able to snap pics during the show because I was at work goofing off on SL (and looking over my shoulder to make sure I didnt get sprung..doh!) just to be there during the taping so I extend a big thank you to my good friends and JM Model bosses Jaho Yalin and Boot Janus for snapping these fab pics of the girls during the show ❤

A very big thanks to my darling friend and JM Models boss Kamalin Bailey for co-ordinating the girls and looking after all the details for the show ❤

Thank you to my beautiful JM Supermodels, Kamalin Bailey, Kimberly Mirabeau, Shayla McBride, Valeria Pienaar and Veronica Krasner for just being the professional and reliable gorgeous personalities that you always are, you all did a great job leading up to the show and then on the day of the show…again, thank you ❤

…and to all the other JM Models and friends that where able to make it on the day to support the girls…thank you ❤
Kamalin wears:
Skin Flicks Tool Wedding Dress #3/No train
Skin Flicks Single Strand Pearls – White
Skin Flicks Pearl Drop Earrings – White
Skin Flicks Taylor Skins – M4

Skin Flicks Mainshop:

To see more of the JM Models modeling Skin Flicks go to my flickr:

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