Featuring Calypso Giano by Jaho Yalin

by Jaho Yalin

RARELY do I stick with one designer when I blog – I usually cobble together some of my favorite things from different designers and create an outfit. I love to do that because it gives more exposure to more designers and also allows me a lot of flexibility in what I wear. But today I’m going to focus on Calypso Giano, the designer and the store name and blog three outfits rather than my customary single outfit.

If you are looking for well textured and highly detailed clothing and accessories, then you really need to check out Calypso Giano. He has a store located on the Passionista sim, home to JM Models as well as his main store located on Calypso Giano sim. He offers both male and female clothing as well as female skins and accessories. But I’m going to focus on the male side, cause, well, I have a penis šŸ™‚

Calypso’s male line focuses mainly on T-shirts, jeans and accessories, but there are some other items, such as ties, and a great leather jacket. There are many options in the jeans, from traditional classic styles in blues through blacks, and some other ones with prints on them. In a word they are simply outstanding, and include either flared cuffs or rolled up cuffs. I love them. They are so well detailed you can see the threads. The T-shirts are highly detailed in deep rich textures that show off the male form. The clothing is very masculine, in style, in texture, and cut based in a heavy dose of realistic features. This clothing will definitely add a swagger to your walk. I feel smokin hot in these jeans and I’m packing heat šŸ˜›

Let’s get to the specific outfits….

1st outfit:


Pants: [CALYPSO GIANO] Stonewash Jeans – Classic A – F1 – M
Shirt: [CALYPSO GIANO] T-Shirt – Love is a Gamble – M (here in shirt and underwear layer for tucked look)
Tattoo: [CALYPSTO GIANO] Tattoo – Stars – Colorable (undershirt layer)
Watch: [CALYPSO GIANO] WATCH – Rock my Life

Shoes: [hoorenbeek] All Star – HiTop – Used – Blue

I love this T-shirt. A heart with pool table eight-ball with great splashes of color and with Calypso Giano written across the top of the chest and ‘Love is a gamble’ is written clearly below that. Love is always a gamble isn’t it? There no sure things when it comes to love, but it’s always a gamble, and usually, worth it. On the top back of the shirt is written ‘Giano’ with two pistols in a nice blue color. The textures are great and the cut is perfect. Masculine and hot, this T is a hit.

The jeans here are classics in a wonderful texture that shows the threads. A nice splash of red lettering at the top and brass button closure and on each pocket in front. The fly is clearly defined. On the backside (argulably the most important part of jeans :P) you have a leather signature patch and on each back pocket a “CG” Logo. These particular jeans come with prim flared cuffs that fit perfectly over appropriately sized shoes or sneakers. These jeans come in colors ranging from indigo to a deeper black shade.

The Tattoo I have on is the Star tattoo that I will describe more fully in outfit 3.

The watch is a beautiful prim object with a black face with stars and ROCK MY LIFE clearly visible. The watch displays SL time. The black leather bank is extremely well done with ‘Calypso Giano’ written on it with clearly defined stars (which go particularly well with this tattoo). The watch is just beautiful.

Finishing off this outfit are my current favorite sneakers from Hoorenbeek called All Star – HiTop Used – in this case in blue. They come in many sizes included, and also come in many colors that will never leave you in the lurch when looking for the right color to match up any outfit. I highly recommend these great sneakers.

2nd outfit:


Pants: [CALYPSO GIANO] Stonewash Jeans – Classic B – F10 – M
Shirt: [CALYPSO GIANO] T-Shirt – Calypso Giano – Black – M (shirt and underwear layer for tucked in look)
Watch: [CALYPSO GIANO] WATCH – Rock my Life
Tattoo: [CALYPSTO GIANO] Tattoo – Stars – Colorable (Jacket layer)

Shoes: [hoorenbeek] All Star – HiTop – Used – Black

Here we go guys in a great casual outfit in black. Dark Black jeans with a splash of red at the hip pocket, and the signature GC Logo on the back pockets. A great rich texture that shows off the black and the threads in these great jeans. These ones come with rolled up prim cuffs rather than the regular prim flared cuffs. Sexy and hot and who don’t look good in black anyways? You’ll just love these.

The T-Shirt here is just outstanding in black with a gray floral pattern, richly colored texture with a terrific design across the chest. Here we have two winged hearts and a cherub with Calypso Giano in gold splashed across the chest. This IS my fave T-shirt. If you look closely on the sleeves you will see a decorative prim tab featuring a skull and the designer’s name. Very clever and unusual.

The tattoo is the Star tattoo I’ll describe more fully in Outfit 3 and the watch is the same as described in Outfit 1 above.

The sneakers here, again, are my fave sneaks from Hoorenbeek, here however I’ve chosen the All Star – HiTop Used in black of course šŸ™‚


3rd outfit:


Jacket: [CALYPSO GIANO] Tattoo – Stars
Shirt: [CALYPSO GIANO] Tattoo – Stars
Undershirt: [CALYPSO GIANO] Tattoo – Stars
Pants: [CALLYPSO GIANO] Stonewash Jeans – King A – F10 – M
Watch: [CALYPSO GIANO] WATCH – Rock my Life
Tie: [CALYPSO GIANO] TIE – Calypso Giano – M

ALRIGHT … the third and final outfit. This one features the Star tattoos by Calypso Giano. This tattoo comes in every layer possible, Socks, undershirt, jacket, shirt, underwear and pants. You can double the layers such as shirt and jacket, and this will ‘darken’ the stars to make them a deeper black. If you wear all the layers your full body is sprinkled with stars, or of course, you can simply wear the appropriate layer for where you wish the tattoos to show. Very sexy and very hot. I just love them and I love how flexible these are. A big thank you to Calypso for providing every available option.

Now the jeans … these are the black Stonewashed KING jeans. On my right hight in bold letters is written KING and on my left thigh in a matching position is a skull. The backside features the GC Logo on both back pockets. These jeans are outstanding in every way, finely textured, rich deep color, threads clearly visible and so is the skull design and word KING. No straining your eyes to see and read these. I simply love them and you will too. Perfectly matched prim flare cuffs complete the jeans.

I’m going barefoot in this one and decided to throw on the Calypso Giano Rock my Life watch and a great Calypso Giano black flexi tie wrapped about my neck. This tie sports a very nice knot that is clever and unusual.

Be sure to check out the Calypso Giano store located on Passionista sim, home of JM Models Agency and Fashion house, and also his main store located on the Calypso Giano sim.

cheers, Jaho Yalin šŸ˜‰


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