Ti’ko Skin by Ticco Tendandes

The above pics are raw images from SL of my shape in Ti’ko Skin – December Doll-Lovely Doll made by Ticco Tendandes

The soft skin you see in these pics are the actual raw skin as seen in SL, I haven’t retouched them in photoshop, only alteration I made was some liquefy around the nose cos raw SL pics and my nose dont like each other :p

From what I understand this is Ticco’s first try at making skin and his ‘December’ line includes some gorgeous fun and pretty doll like makeup options. He has also made another collection titled ‘July’ with a vast array of stark to demure makeup options. I say not bad at all for his first line. You can see his talent shine through in the flawless texturing of the skin, the shadows and highlights are spot on and the ‘parts’ are beautifully detailed.

For a look at Ticco’s full skin collection visit ‘Ti’ko’ at the Vain Inc Plaza – slurl.com/secondlife/Mangakino/81/148/29

Happy shopping! cheers, Jewell xx


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