CnS Poses Picture Contest!

CnS Poses Picture Contest!, originally uploaded by { CynU }.

Cns Poses are now located on JM Models Fashion Island!

Contest starts by now till Nov. 15th 2008 12pm Slt!

What u have to do?
~ Pick a Pose (except the freebie poses)
~ Edit this picture in the way u like
~ Post it with the title “CnS Poses Free Style Spirit Contest”
~ Drop it here in the CnS Poses flickr Group
~ Paste this Picture also here in the Disscusion.

Also pls, i wont accept old works – ONLY NEW ONES! šŸ˜›

Sooo and now the important part for u in this contest šŸ˜›

Prices for the 3 best Pictures:

1st Price ~ 2500 L$ cash + 1 Store/Giftcard 2500 L$
2nd Price ~ 1250 L$ cash + 1 Store/Giftcard 1250 L$
3rd Price ~ 750 L$ cash + 1 Store/Giftcard 750 L$

The Judges are Cynthia Ultsch and Ilian Garrigus .

Have fun and good luck!

For more info:


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