JM MODELS is proud to present Yang Boyd’s b.o.i. fashions this September 20th at 6PM SLT.  Please clear your calendar and get here early cause this show promises to be heavily attended.  Yang is a hard working designer that has literally 100s of items for sale at his store.  Great textures, low, low prices and and a huge inventory guarantee you’ll find a lot you’ll like without breaking your piggy bank.  We hope you will join us as we welcome Yang to JM’s Fashion House for this show.   We look forward to seeing you all there.

by Jaho Yalin
Photography by Mcooter Graves

I’m taking this opportunity to also blog two full outfits and two pairs of shorts from b.o.i.

FIRST UP (above left outfit) we have a combination outfit featuring buff yellow pants combined with a white long sleeved shirt overtopped with a light blue with darker blue stripes sweater.  The pants are well textured in a shade of yellow that promises to be versatile and easy on the eyes, contrasted with the b.o.i. logo in aqua with a splash of purple at the waistband with a tie.  The sweater/shirt is beautifully done in a jacket layer.  The white shirt underneath hangs below the sweater with just a little bit of the stomach showing for that sexy touch and at the wrists.  Comfortable and casual, flexible and cool, these can be mixed matched with many things that you already have in your inventory.

Shirt:  b.o.i-sweater/shirt-korea-blue
Pants:  b.o.i-beach-pants-yellow+border2

Here I have them matched up with a great pair of sneakers from Hoorenbeek – that catches the same dark blue in the sweater – a perfect match.  I just love these hightops – they come in just about any color you could wish for and include four different sizes.  You’ll love them too.

[hoorenbeek] All Star – HiTop Used – Blue

OUTFIT TWO (above right outfit) here is a great pair of teal leather pants coupled with a bright yellow, powder blue, red and white horizontal stirped pullover.  I’ve had these pants for quite a while and they are one of my most favorite pair.  A deep richly textured teal that hugs and highlights the body.  The tie up front of the pants are suggestively left open for that hot, sexy look that add a strut to your walk.  The longsleeved pullover polo is the perfect contrast to the rich color of the pants.  Eye-catching and comfortable, this shirt can be worn with just about any pair of pants you have highlighted with an aqua b.o.i logo over the chest.  I consider this polo pullover a must have.

Shirt:  t-shirt-me001-stripes
Pants:  b.o.i-westernpants-turkis

Here I have this outfit matched up with a great pair of sneakers from our friends at AC Studios – designer CheerNo Destiny.  They are a bright red and yellow (perfect with this outfit – and many others) with expected white toe.  Just brilliant and finely textured.

Shoes:  **aC::Studios:::AllStar-Scrpt::R:Fire


NOW to the shorts 🙂   The first pair is a beautifully textured longer short in the most beautiful colors and pattern.   They are highlighted with tropical leaves, flowers and parrots in a beautiful pattern over a dark base.  The main colors are black, teal, red with splashes of orange, yellow and gray.  Just fantastic.  They come in both underwear and pants layer.

Shorts:  b.o.i-shorts-burung-kakatua 1

Here i have them paired up with a great pair of flip flops from Reaction to bring out the red in the shorts.  The flip flops are brilliant red with a black bottom that are realistic and fit well.  You’ll want a pair of these, in every color 😛  A big thanks to Karl Dorance who first showed me these 🙂

Shoes:  Reaction – Thongs{Volcano}

THE SECOND PAIR of shorts is beautifully textured and colored in a base color of navy blue liberally splashed with tropical flowers in aqua, orange, yellow and white, with a gray waistband.  Just outstanding.  Perfect for the beach or casual wear, even as boxer underwear – they come in both pants and underwear layers. 

Shorts:  b.o.i-shorts-floweres

Here I have the same flip flops as above, but in a wonderful buff yellow color with a rich chocolate brown base to highlight the colors of the shorts.  Reaction really did a great job on these babies 🙂

Shoes:  Reaction – Thongs{Chocolate}

JM Supermodel: Jaho Yalin


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