Emortal Cyber Optics by Mcooter Graves

Fresh from the labs of Emortal comes Mcooter Graves’ next eye installment!

These creatively crafted and intricately detailed Cyber Optics cater to the cybernetic enthusiast as well as those that like to don outlandish gear. The Cyber Optics come in a pack of 5 colours (red, green, purple, orange and blue) and included are some really cool laser beams that allow you to change the laser colour via drop down menu, he’s also put a sound in the lasers so listen close…maaaadnesss I tell ya!! You should also see the packaging they come in…Mcooter’s getting really daring these days, its exciting to watch.

Emortal Cyber Optics can be found at:

JM Models Fashion Island – Passionista (126,83,30)
::FLIPSIDE:: – Duskwater(74,239,32)

Hope you enjoy these as much as we’ve been doing. cheers Jewell x

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