MORE Skin Flicks NEW ‘Intimates’ Lingerie

by Queenie Ella – JM Models VP of Events and JM Supermodel

Ladies it’s time to show off your beautiful summer tanned body with some smexxy lingerie! If you haven’t been, you must go take a look at Skin Flicks; they carry such a big variety of gorgeous merchandise that you will go broke! When I was asked to blog about this lingerie, I was all up for it. I could go on and on about how I was stunned that beautiful lingerie as this could be so comfortable with great support but I won’t! Did I mention it makes my stomach look flat too?!

I find all three sets as shown in the pictures to be very sensual, sexy, fun, and comfortable but all with a fun flare. The detail put in these items really make it look “high end”. The come in a variety of wonderful colors. I find the lingerie line at Skin Flicks and many other things to have such great style, really makes my pixel avatar a happy lady! So now go strut your stuff ladies!

Until next time, Q xo

Hair: *Kin*Clara in blonde
Skin:*The Obscene* Hina in Dawn
Earrings: *Purple Rose* Mega Pearl in Black


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