Fantastical Fashion at Cole’s Couture

by Kamalin Bailey                                 Photography by Mcooter Graves

I wanted to share with you some yummy new dresses from designer ColeMarie Soleil. A live performer in SL and widely known to the Flickr community, multi-talented Cole has embarked on a whole new SL “hobby”, couture dress creating. With names like “Tick Tick Boom” “Scratched Out” and “Leaf Me Alone”, one quickly sees that Cole has a great imagination and her designs reflect her whimsical personality. Her collection currently standing at seven pieces, Cole is taking a wait and see approach before committing to future additions.

At first glance Requiem for a Raven looks like a little black cocktail dress. Inspecting more closely, one sees it is far more than that. Swirls of feathers dance across the strapless, translucent bodice giving tantalizing glimpses of skin. It is daring and alluring without being blatantly revealing or trashy. At the waist the form fitting top joins a poof of a skirt composed of layer after layer of more feathers. To me, the most remarkable aspect of the dress is its movement. The slightest motion sends the feathers airborne to softly float back into place. Requiem for a Raven is no wallflower and it will turn heads across the grid.

Sonic Surreality is Cole’s entry to the formal gown arena. Completely over the top in details and attachments, Cole has melded them together to create a stunning package that can be worn to any formal event. The skirt is made up of several layers of peacock blue and black feathers that end at the ankle. Also feather-like, the bodice is adorned with a circle of musical notes and symbols that sway with each movement. To further increase the spectacularness of this dress, Cole has included attachments for wings and a headpiece that only enhance its beauty. My favorite piece is the musical notes that when attached, dance merrily around your av’s body. You’ll feel like an artistic masterpiece when wearing this dress! Available in seven colors, Cole is also planning on releasing a completely white version soon.

Cole has completely outdone herself on her first entries to the SL fashion world. Witty, playful and charming, they delightfully fill a niche in the sometimes too serious world of SL fashion!

Cole’s Couture can be found at Kakapo 171,110,105


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