by Jaho Yalin

WELL I’m long overdue for a new blog posting, so here is my latest effort.

This outfit features a great pair of Action Punk Zips that come in varous colors. I think they are exceptional in quality, great textures, great fit, great style and a great look.  They come with an awesome pair of prim suspenders that hang off the hips that you can wear with so many other pants or shorts.  These pants are a ‘must have’ in my opinion.  They are HOT and they are SEXY.  Who doesn’t like that?   Action has some outstanding clothing that you will be sure to want to check out.  Thank you Action!  And a big ‘thank you’ to my friend Doug Pernal for pointing me in Action’s direction.

The top I have on is a great Tank from Casa del Shai called *Shai* Mens Ribbed Tank Top.  They come in many colors and are very versatile.  Those of you that have shopped at Casa del Shai know that this store is famous for excellent textures.   They come in tucked and untucked versions (you get them all) and can be worn with near anything.  The colors and the textures are rich and deep.  These make a fine addition to any wardrobe.  A big thanks to my friend Axl Schridde for introducing me to Casa del Shai.

Next I’d like to focus on the sneakers i have on.  These particular sneaks are causing quite a stir in some circles.  Many believe they are simply the best you can get in SL at this time, and I must agree.  Those of you that know me know i love sneakers, so it’s a subject near to my lil pixel heart.  These ones are called PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2, and yes, they are fully colorable to almost guarantee that you will not NEED to buy another pair of sneakers again.  And the textures?  Simply outstanding.  I LOVE them.  A huge thanks to Mcooter Graves for the LM to these outstanding sneakers.   Thanks Mc.

Now for the accessories, because no matter how great your clothes are (and I’d say these ones are all pretty great) it’s the accessories that pull them all together.  I’d like to introduce you to T17 Designs.  This young guy designs some outstanding jewerly from piercings to necklaces and bracelets.  First I’d like to point out my lip piercings – they come in several styles, and in gold or silver, but what makes them outstanding (besides how great they look) is that you can change the colors by simply typing in chat the color you would like them to be.  The necklace is also created by Trace17 Junkers (the T17 Designs designer).  It is finely detailed silver chain with red/black blocks that tie this whole outfit together.  By the time you are reading this it should be for sale at his shop.  On my right wrist I am wearing a T17 Designs bracelet with flexi straps.  And on my left wrist a truly outstanding design that must be more fully explained to appreciate.  This is no mere bracelet.  Trace17 has created this bracelet with the ability to change color when your significant other appears inworld, or any other assigned friend.  These are ‘custom’ in that Trace17 will put your name of your friend’s name on the bracelet itself, and will need to add whichever person you choose to the key so that it will change color when that person arrives inworld.  When your friend is not inworld, the bracelet is red on silver, when your friend signs on, it turns green!  When turned off (a simple click does it) it is black on a silver background.  He also has created a necklace with these same abilities.  What a wonderful present for you and your loved one or BFF.  I highly recommend this particular item.  KUDOS to Trace17 for his creativity and style.  Thank you Trace.  Clever guy 🙂

Below you will find the exact names of all products that I am wearing.  

ACTION – Action Tartan Punk Zips
ACTION – Action Punk Zipz Suspenders

*Shai* Mens Ribbed Tank Top Black

PornStar Hi-Tops Multicolor v2

T17 – Piercing Mouth
T17 – Kette Squares Black Red Variation
T17 – Bracelet Beach Boy
T17 – Bracelet Partner Rings


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