Whittentons Boots




Whittentons Jewelry have long been known as masterful crafts people creating some of the most exquisite and highly detailed fine pieces of jewelry on SL. Picture me jumping off my chair in excitement now…*giggles* well, you can imagine my delight when I was told by Lizziey Whittenton herself that she is now making boots!! If you asked me what one of my favourite things on SL was (next to my husband Mc) my answer quick, plain and simple would be boots!! These boots have to be inspected in super zoom-in mode so you can truly appreciate the level of detail that these boots contain, one can only imagine the time its taken to create a pair.

Flawless and made to perfection, the boots I’ve taken pics of above, which are some of my personal favourites, come in a lot of colours, there are also several other styles AND Whittentons are now doing fashion! More news about that to come in the very near future…cheers, Jewell 🙂

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Esplanade%20deWhittenton/111/128/31


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