Fashion Speak With eLDee

by Maeve Kilara

April 26, 2008 JM Models will be showcasing yet another fabulous and fresh new designer by the name of Lilyana Dryke, owner and designer for the eLDee fashion label. Lilyana’s bright and funny personality comes through in her flirty fun clothes and I had a great time talking with her about fashion, creativity, and shopping during our very insightful interview.

Maeve Kilara: When did you join Second Life?
Lilyana Dryke: one year ago, well about….just one more month and I’ll be celebrating my rezz day

Maeve Kilara: What kinds of things do you enjoy doing here in your free time?
Lilyana Dryke: my favourite pastime is exploring. I especially love to see cool architecture..and love photographing them, and A lot of shopping

Maeve Kilara: I went to your store earlier today, and noticed all the vibrant colors and beautiful patterns you use in your materials. Yet at the same time, its form flattering and feminine. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Lilyana Dryke: a lot of things, there really isn’t one thing i can sort of point at. But usually it starts with a pattern or a color I notice somewhere…I’d say almost anything can inspire me.

Maeve Kilara: How long have you been creating clothes?
Lilyana Dryke: I did my first bit of clothing around August/September last year. I had no intention of opening a store at the time though

Maeve Kilara: Of all the designs in your store right now, Which would you say is your favorite and why?
Lilyana Dryke: oooh,..that’s difficult. I would say Fleur is one of my favourite, Especially Fleur Berry. I also love the Kiki outfits.

Maeve Kilara: What is it you love so much about them?
Lilyana Dryke: I love Fleur, cause when I started doing it I really had no idea I was gonna end up with it, yet it turned out really cute, and it’s like this cute little floaty dress, very feminine, And I love wearing it. For Kiki, I think it’s cause the texturing turned out nice and it looks very chic. And I like the color play on the Kiki outfits.

Maeve Kilara: As a designer in Second Life, what are a few fashion tips you think women inworld might benefit from?
Lilyana Dryke: Well, since SL is a world of fantasy, I’d say, don’t try to be safe when it comes to fashion. It’s fun to experiment different styles. The important thing is you are comfortable and having loads of fun.

Maeve Kilara: Do you have any tips for new designers starting out in Second Life?
Lilyana Dryke: I would say, it’s very easy to learn all the tips and tricks, if you are willing to work and learn. And there are loads of fabulous SL groups as well as tutorials out there to help you.


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