A little bit Boho

I’m back!! It has been a while since my last post hope you all did’nt miss me all too much. Today I have an eccentric boho outfit, with some new stuff from Muism. The colors in this outfit, are not matching per se, but hey that’s why I described it as eccentric. There is nothing wrong with not matching, as long as you keep in mind ideas about complimentary colors.

I figure i’ll start with the two items that inspired me for this outfit. These Muism pants i saw right off the bat when i landed there the other day. The cool stripe down the sides of the pant kind of remind me of Han Solo, and i still think he dressed pretty well. Also the pants have Sculptie cuffs, thank you muism, finally. The scarf, in silver here, is also new at Muism, and comes in several colors. The shoes are hoorenbeek dockers, well detailed sculptie shoes, I found out about not too long ago. I’d been lookin for an outfit i could wear these Armidi Cardigans wthout an undershirt, and I just may have 🙂

This outfit, although the textures are great, and it is very well detailed still, i think, has a bit of slouch to it, not too made up, comfortable and cool for a night out in the late spring.

Pants and Scarf – Muism

Cardigan – Armidi

Shoes – Hoorenbeek

Hair – Truth


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