Fashion Speak With FTV

by Maeve Kilara

JM Models will be hosting a fabulous fashion show for the talented designer Valenttina Carfagno, owner and creator for Frozen Turquoise Valentine. I was fortunate enough to grab her from her busy day to get a quick pic with this lovely lady and to ask her a few questions.

Maeve Kilara: When did you join Second Life?
Valenttina Carfagno: Almost a Year now… back in May, last year.

Maeve Kilara: What kinds of things do you enjoy doing here in your free time?
Valenttina Carfagno: Now a days it’s just hanging out with friends, shopping.. Now that i design clothes i drove my shopping focus to hair and shoes… hehe and of course modeling…. It’s lots of fun for me. Scary sometimes… but fun

Maeve Kilara: When I visited your store, I was impressed by how well it was laid out. The feminine decor and the way that the garments were displayed created a very relaxed and classy atmosphere. What would you say has been your biggest source of inspiration in your designs?
Valenttina Carfagno: I have to say My biggest source of inspiration is RL, the people I see and their styles, movies, tv…. i like to see lots and lots of new things and come up with things… like a puzzle.

Maeve Kilara:How long have you been designing clothes in Second Life?
Valenttina Carfagno:Back since late October…

Maeve Kilara: What inspired you to begin designing?
Valenttina Carfagno: I have always felt passion for clothing designing and when I came to SL saw tons of opportunities to express my creativity… so i took this branch since it was my favorite.

Maeve Kilara: If you had to chose a favorite gown or outfit, which would it be?
Valenttina Carfagno: Wow… That is hard…. I think my first favorite one was Carolina and the one you are wearing… Paris.

Maeve Kilara: What is the one accessory you try to never leave your house without?
Valenttina Carfagno: Great Shoes!

Maeve Kilara: What is the main thought or feeling that you would like every lady that shops at your store to have as she leaves with her purchase?
Valenttina Carfagno: That she is shopping quality clothing that is stylish and that makes her feel fabulous.

Maeve Kilara: Thank you Valenttina for your time today and giving us a brief insight into your world as a designer and your inspiration for your designs.


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