Alchemy Angels Fashion Show

by Aliyeh Yifu

Glitz! Glam! and a whole lotta Pizazz! at the JM Models fashion show featuring Alchemy & Angels. Designers, Isobel DeSantis and Constanza Volare, are amazingly talented women and their new line was a reflection of their own pieces of art. The featured designs were classy & chic, yet could be dressed down for any occasion. The talented JM Supermodel beauties strutted down the catwalk, showcasing each item as if it was the most spectacular item in their line-up to showcase. Featured above are samples of the gorgeous dresses Constanza created and the most adorable and wear-with-everything shoes Isobel created. The show was a true example of a well crafted fashion show. CEO Jewell Munro and President KandieKane Laval manifested a show that ensured that the Alchemy & Angels designs where shown the way it needed to be shown, with class and beauty. Please join the JM Models crew at our next fashion exhibit this week. Until then, take some time and stop by the Alchemy & Angels store and dress yourself in the outfits and shoes like the models shown above are wearing.

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