Welcome to Purple Rose Designer Corner

by Aliyeh Yifu

Diamond Florets

Hola! I am Aliyeh Yifu, JM Supermodel, presenting Purple Rose Jewelry item of the week.
I will post new items each week for all those Fashion Divas, Goth Beauties, and Neko
Radicals to have a peek at. Purple Rose caters to all avatars in SL, not just the Fashion
Divas. So have a look!

Magically crafted, intertwined with eccentric beauty that captures every moment of
artistic creativity, Purple Rose Jewelry continues to amaze me. Purple Rose owner Storm Babeli is shy, modest, caring, and above all genuine to all those who come onto contact with her.

The first set that I am pictured wearing is called Diamond Florets. In this ensemble, I
have changed the color of the shiny gems to lavenderblush. Each piece is scripted with
color changing options, bling off, bling on features as well as many other options to make the set fit your individuality.

The second set that I am pictured wearing is called Celestial Black. This set can be
dressed up as well as fit into any wardrobe that would contain Goth. Like the set above, this set is also scripted with all the options as above to enhance any avatars inner beauty to
allow it to radiant out to the eyes of others.

As you can see, each set it very different yet presents a simple, sassy, and mystical
realm that demands attention. Purple Rose Jewelry is on JM Models Designer Corner. These pieces should be out in the main Purple Rose sim store here within the next few days.
I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. Stay tuned for more beautiful items from
Purple Rose! Ciao ^.~ *Click on above photos to gaze at sets closer*


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