Perfectly Plaid

by Jaho Yalin

DO YOU LIKE PLAIDS? Well I sure do; I like them in shirts, I ilke them in pants, shorts, boxers, I even like them in sneakers! So today lets take a closer look at the Chess Winter Set from AC Studios…

Winter Chess Set

Photographs by Sebastiaan Vollmar

Here we go with a cool ensemble that features a great green and red plaid button down overshirt in a rich eye-catching texture sure to turn heads. This outfit comes with a great pair of blue jean shorts to the knee that are just faded enough to look and feel comfy. Nicely textured with great pockets and fine details these shorts are versatile and you no doubt, like me, will be wearing them with all your favorite shirts or barechested on the beach.

Under the plaid overshirt is a white long sleeve sweater that comes with an oversized prim collar. It’s just the right thing to set off the plaids in the top shirt. The final piece is a black scarf complete with an AC Studios medallion that looks hot at the throat. This outfit looks just as great without the prim collar and scarf, giving it a versatility that few other ensembles might have.

I choose a pair of great red and green tartan sneakers from SF Design – just the right touch to pull everything together from head to toe.

Don’t be hating because I look so great! You can have everything worn here, and much more, at the stores listed below:

Hair: HD Hair – nekoge
Outfit: AC Studios – Chess Winter Set – Xadrez Male
Shoes: SF Design – Red Tartan Sneakers

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