Avid Fashion enthusiast weeps for the loss of Last Call

by Maeve Kilara

As we all know, the hallowed doors of Last Call are closed forever as of March 31. It saddens me greatly to know that the creative fashions I, as many others, have become such an admirer of will be no more. I don’t think it’s possible anymore to go to any area that contains a group of well dressed people and NOT see someone in Last Call or Modelorno. I remember when it used to be Dazzle, and my first time there was my first experience with true high fashion in SL. My vintage Dazzle outfits still remain some of my favorites. As Last Call reopened and the designs kept coming, such as the designs pictured here.  I would rush to the store like a kid wanting their candy stick fix. I truly believe that seasons from now, even though there are and will be many great designers contributing amazing fashions, the impact of Dazzle, Last Call, and Moderno will keep being seen and admired. So to the talents behind those doors, from all of us who adored your fashions, we thank you and wish you well.

Contradiction in Nior offered that balance of edgy yet feminine.The pleated skirt is short and flirty, while the cut and bold colors of the top seem to say, ” I’m here for fun so don’t cross me”. I especially like the way it has that bold strip down the front leading into its silver studded belt, as it draws attention to the graceful lines of the wearers curves.

This bikini, hands down, is my most favorite of all swimwear to date. Last Calls Corsica Black Leather Bikini, with its criss crossing straps and silver accents can flatter any skin-tone, and take it from a girl who lives on the paler side of life, that isn’t easy to find. The combination of its peek-a-boo lines with it’s ability to still cover everything strategic makes it smoking hot but in no way tarty. Less is more with this one ladies, let the bikini do the talking for you.

A beautiful design that can go anywhere, Marguerite from Last Call’s Catwalk Collection is supremely elegant, yet its slightly transparent top with strategically placed embroidery adds just the right amount of sultry. Add that with three different wrap choices as well as several skirt variations..and viola!

Comfortable, cozy, pretty and shape flattering are all words that can be assigned to this sweet little outfit. Dahlia is the perfect look to walk along a sunset beach, hand in hand with your sweetheart, with shoes not even a necessity. With five different sweater choices all complimenting the feminine camisole, you can always count on looking soft and lovely, regardless of your hair or eye color.


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