Skaterboy Chic


EVERYBODY has a favorite outfit, and I thought I’d show you mine. It’s from AC Studios and I guarantee it to make anybody look great.

It starts out with tight fitting black jeans that are well textured and detailed. The matching shirt is gold and black horrizontal stripes with an 8-ball patch in the center of the chest. These colors brought out the tiger in me and will in you too. The fit and cut of these clothes really made me feel hot and sexy, and that is a combination that can’t be beat.


The real eyecatcher of this outfit is the prim backpack bag. This baby, at 130 prims (more than most houses in SL), is finely detailed. Be prepared for lots of comments as people cam you to see what you’re carrying. In here you will find a skateboard, a teddy bear, a wrench, magazines, along with a baseball bat that you will definitely need to fight off all the extra attention that you will surely be getting. This outfit goes anywhere, and without the bag works from the club to the mall. What more could a boy possibly want?

The outfit also comes with a great leather choker that goes perfectly with everything else. I’ve coupled this with a great pair of sneakers I found at SF Design that pull all the colors togther.

If you’re looking for something different, and you don’t mind a lot of attention, this outfit will do the trick.

Hair: HD Hair – nekoge
Outfit: AC Studios – Skater 8
Shoes: SF Design – Camo Sneakers Desert


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