Back To School Daze

Well, people, this is the first time I have ever blogged on any subject – so bear with me.  My friend Sebastiaan has given me a little push in this direction. Here goes:

Did you ever put on an outfit and it just makes you feel soooo good?  Or sooo hot?  Or is just soooooo fun?  Well this outfit is one of those.  In RL, I’d probably get my ass kicked in this particular one. In SL, though, it’s me doing the ass kicking.  So you better watch out if you see me!


This outfit here, from AC Stores, is called the Collegiate Set. It consists of a snappy white shirt that is flapped open to show the belly button (hot!) with a great prim collar that comes with either a black and white print tie or a gold and red one.  The blue shorts with this set look great and go perfectly with the white shirt and the knee length white socks.  The included prim book bag can be worn on the shoulder or carried by hand.


I’ve matched them up with some red and white kicks that i found at Shizna&ElecMistletoe_KidShop (thanks to Yang Boyd for pointing me in their direction.)The overall effect is so much fun – I just can’t wipe the smile off my face.

Well made, clever and definitely on the youthful side, when you wear this outfit you will definitely be noticed.  The only problem you’ll have is dealing with all the extra attention!

Clothing:  **aC Studios
Hair:  *HD hair*- nekoge short
Shoes:  !!Sneakers_L3set<NAGAYA>


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