It’s 2 Armidi outfits! 2day!

It’s an Armidi Special! I’ve got two outfits from Arimdi for you today. Casual Jeans and sweaters, with some great colors and prim attachments. First off we’ve got a yellow and white striped hoodie, over a green sleeve tee, and some distressed grey jeans. Yellow and green are two very complementary colors, and will always look good paired together. The hoodie itself has a great sculptie hood attachments (sized for guys and gals) and a great attachment for a drawstring, a detail I really like. The stripes from the Armidi dazed shoe echo the stripes from the sweater, rounding og the outfit nicely.

Axl in Armidi

Next I found a sweet leather jacket in a shale blue with creme accents, again the prim attachments are too cool. The collar on this one really impressed me. I paired this jacket with a sky blue long sleeve tee and some dark jeans with paint fleck embelishments. Here,we see the different shades of blue working together to make a uniform outfit. Some cool slip-on sneakers with skull and crossbones detail for some added drama and I’m ready to hit the streets.

Armidi has a fine attention to well detailed textures. You may need to edit the attachable prims according to your body size, but overall Armidi has good stuff at a not terrible price. Go shop, wear, and have fun!

Axl Armidi blue

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