New Designer Spotlight: Marisela Bouchard and Sinsaber Holgado


I had a chance to talk with an exciting new designing team the other day. Their names are Marisela Bouchard and Sinsaber Holgado. They are the owners of two great new shops called “Silk Dreams/Wet Dreams” and ”Santero.” The shops just opened this week with a swinging salsa party that was really fun. Their line features numerous items from casual wear to swim suits. Marisela creates bright, beautifully detailed textures for the ladies. Her designs are sexy and sophisticated with just the right amount of whimsy. Sinsaber’ s clothes are also striking. He makes bold, comfortable clothing by combining rich, monochromatic colors and elegantly simple layers. I asked them if they would mind doing an interview so that our readers could get better aquainted with them. Here is what they had to say.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: How long have you been a part of Second Life?

Marisela Bouchard: Since July 1, 2006

Sinsaber Holgado: Since 11/22/2006

Sebastiaan Vollmar: What are your favorite things to do here?

Marisela Bouchard: Create. Sinsaber and I, along with a very good friend, used to own an art gallery that housed incredibly talented RL and SL artists. The quality of their RL work and their SL work was amazing. This is the most creative place in the universe. I am constantly amazed at what people are making here and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: How long have you been creating clothes?

Sinsaber Holgado: I have been making clothes for two months and Marisela has been for about 5 months.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

Marisela Bouchard: I’m an artist in RL and I love figurative drawing, especially of exotic women’s faces. In SL, I got into photography and started manipulating photographic images of female avatars in Photoshop and turned them into sensual and very feminine works of art. When I make clothes I don’t feel like I’m creating fashion, I feel like I’m creating art. And similar to how I work when I create art, I’m not inspired by anything tangible nor do I have a vision or plan for any piece. I just play around and when I like it, I stop. Sometimes I do have a vision of what I want to do with a certain piece, but the end result is not even remotely similar to what that vision was!

Sinsaber Holgado: I am a fine art photographer & digital artist. My art constantly seeps into my designs. At times it screams my art and sometimes it lurks within the fabric. My clothes are part of my art.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: In terms of design, which piece has been the most difficult for you?

Marisela Bouchard: Oh, that was definitely the slingshot bikini. That piece took several weeks and hundreds of lindens on uploads!

Sinsaber Holgado: No one piece has been the most difficult. The most difficult thing is trying to intergrate my art with the clothing without stretching and distorting it.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: Do the two of you collaborate on your designs or work alone?

Marisela Bouchard: We mainly work on our designs alone but always get honest critiques and help/advice from each other.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: Do you have any tips for new designers starting out in Second Life?

Marisela Bouchard: Be prepared to work your butt off! Designing clothes is very creative and very satisfying, but there is so much work involved that is tedius like taking the photographs, making vendors and placing them, building a store, etc., tons of work just to get to the part where the piece goes up for sale. The work isn’t done when you upload the texture! Then after all that work, you have to work even harder on marketing your clothes.

Sinsaber Holgado: Practice, practic, practice.

Sebastiaan Vollmar: Thank you so much for talking with me, today.


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