Being that I woke up to a near blizzard I have a lot of time on my hands today. So, I decided to browse a few of my favorite stores in Second Life to see some sites.

Today I stumbled on Hoorenbeek’s new line of shoes. They are aggressively expanding their clothing line to include shoes, boots, dress shoes, and sneakers. Believe it or not they are offering real life replicas of their shirts via a web site that’s advertised in their store as well. 

Back to the boots. I’m a little fussy what I put on my feet here in Sl. Let’s face it, the footwear by some places here make Ronald McDonald look like a reasonable pedestrian. The new line of footwear by Hoorenbeek is very well done with exception of a few select sneakers but that may just be my tastes.

Make no mistake you will pay for the quality you receive with shoes starting at about $480l and at the high end of things $520l. Pictured below are the Patagonia Boots.

SURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/JT%20World%20VI/127/14/23


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